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For many Singaporeans, travelling to Johor Bahru (JB) is a regular affair, whether for business, leisure, or simple grocery runs. But a few challenges often dampen the spirit of these cross-border trips: connectivity issues and traffic jams.

The need to switch SIMs, toggle roaming settings, and wondering when your connection will get cut off along the causeway are all too familiar frustrations. While we can't control the traffic, we can certainly ensure your connectivity remains constant with our revolutionary Borderless Plan, designed to make your trips to Johor hassle-free.

Ready to experience seamless cross-border connectivity? Explore our Borderless Plan now!

Seamless Connectivity: A Borderless Experience

The last thing you want to encounter during a nightmarish jam at the Johor-Singapore Causeway Bridge is dropping off an important call abruptly, or your music streaming to stop. With Circles.Life’s Borderless Plan, these disruptions are now a thing of the past.

This plan allows you to use your entire data allowance in Singapore and eight popular Asian countries, including Malaysia, without swapping SIM cards or toggling roaming settings each time you cross the borders.

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Value and Convenience with Borderless Plan

Our Borderless Plan isn’t just about staying connected; it's about offering you exceptional value and convenience. Once activated, you'll enjoy seamless connectivity in Singapore and the supported countries. In addition, the Borderless Plan also provides 300 minutes of local (SG) talk time, complimentary incoming local and roaming SMS, plus free Caller ID.

Say farewell to the hassles of monitoring data usage and exorbitant daily rates that come with traditional roaming add-ons. Unlike these roaming packages, the Borderless Plan enables you to use your data overseas with peace of mind, just as you would at home.

Advantages over typical roaming add-ons:

• Generous data allowance: No more worrying about insufficient data for streaming or navigation.
• Cost-effective: Avoid the high fees typically associated with extensive roaming data use.
• Straightforward pricing: No more confusion over varying rates across different countries.
• Hassle-free activation: Activate once and enjoy uninterrupted service, without the need for repeated setups.
• Consistent quality: Rely on steady network quality across multiple countries.
• No overages: Bid farewell to the fear of excessive charges for data use.
• Broad coverage: Benefit from extensive geographical coverage in 8 popular Asian countries.
• Extra perks: Enjoy additional benefits not typically offered by roaming add-ons.
• Simplified for multi-destination trips: One plan covers you across all included destinations, reducing complexity.

Ready to travel stress-free? Choose Borderless.

No More Bill Shocks

Ever returned from a trip only to be greeted by a sky-high phone bill? That's not the case with the Borderless Plan.

Enjoy a transparent, flat-rate monthly subscription and utilise your data in Singapore, Malaysia, and other supported countries without worrying about additional costs. Our network block feature also guarantees connection only to Circles.Life’s partner networks, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and no surprise charges.

Travel without the fear of unexpected bills with Circles.Life’s Borderless Plan.

Circles.Life’s Loyalty Program – Circle of Joy

As part of the Circles.Life family, you are automatically enrolled in the Circle of Joy loyalty program. Earn points daily and redeem them for exciting rewards like tech gadgets and bill waivers. The longer you stay with us, the more rewards you unlock!

Enhanced Flexibility with eSIM Option

Want the benefits of the Borderless Plan while keeping your existing plan? Our eSIM option is here for you. An eSIM, or embedded SIM, functions like a regular SIM card, holding all necessary details for network connectivity, but without the physical card.

The beauty of an eSIM is that it allows multiple SIM profiles on one device. This means you can seamlessly switch between local and tourist SIMs without needing two separate devices or physical SIM swaps when crossing borders.

With Circles.Life, switching to eSIM is quick and easy. If you have an eSIM-compatible phone, you can activate your Borderless data in as little as 10 minutes.

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Redefine Your Cross-Border Connectivity

The Circles.Life Borderless Plan is not just another mobile plan; it’s a lifestyle upgrade for Singaporeans frequently driving to Johor Bahru and other parts of Malaysia (Also, check out our travel guide for the top things to do or see in Malaysia). It’s about staying connected without interruptions, enjoying seamless data and call services, and doing so with the peace of mind knowing that you’re backed by Singapore’s best customer service.

Sign up for the Circles.Life Borderless Plan today.





Published 2023-11-22

Written by Circles.Life


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