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Halo, kawan-kawan saya! We are back with a brand new guide to help you on your travels. This time, it’s a Malaysia travel guide for all you explorers heading to Southeast Asia. We’ve covered loads of cool things for you, so you’ll never feel lost or alone during your trip.

You’ll learn a few helpful phrases, see some of the best things to do and discover what not to do while you’re there.

Get settled and prepare for the only Malaysia travel guide you need to read - starting with a very important tip!

Bag yourself a SIM card

You’ll need a SIM card while in Malaysia for obvious reasons - how else will you phone home or check Google Maps for directions to the nearest restaurant? 

Lucky for you, we have two incredible SIM plans for you to look at. Our Jetpac data plan is perfect for short trips and activates instantly. Choose from a range of 30-day roaming data packs that support your data usage and budget. 

Those of you who are away for longer may want to consider our new Borderless plan. It lets you switch your long-term telecommunications provider to us, so you have all the data and minutes you need when travelling. Perfect if your trip to Malaysia spans many weeks or you plan on touring the rest of Southeast Asia. Discover Circles.Life Borderless Plan now.

Top things to do or see in Malaysia

Malaysia is home to so many cool things to do or see. If you’re creating a travel bucket list, here are some things you have to put on it:

- Visit the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia

- Check out the sandy beaches of Langkawi or Redang Island, complete with diving and snorkelling activities

- See the incredible Batu Caves with breathtaking Hindu temples and statues

- Hit the George Town streets in Penang, a wonderful old town area with loads of boutique shops and beautiful cafes

- Go on a jungle tour at Taman Negara National Park to explore the rich and diverse Malaysian rainforests

- Sample some of the best local dishes from Mee Goreng Mamak to Nasi Lemak and more

- Challenge yourself at ESCAPE Penang, a thrilling park with outdoor rides and attractions for adults

To be honest, there are too many things to list them all here. Just make sure these things are added to your list before you check out any other travel ideas

Helpful phrases to learn while in Malaysia

Luckily, a lot of Malaysian will speak English - especially if you go to some of the main tourist attractions listed above.

Still, it’s polite to make an effort and speak some of the local language. Here are a few handy phrases to learn in Malay that’ll make you a big hit with the locals:

- Terima kasih (tuh-ree-mah kah-seh) - Thank you

- Ya (yah) and Tidak (tee-dak) - Yes and No

- Di manda tandas? (dee ma-nah tan-das) - Where is the bathroom?

- Di mana ini (dee mah-nah ee-nee) - Where is this?

- Meja untuk dua/satu orang, sila (Meh-jah oon-yook doo-ah/sah-too o-rang, see-lah) - Table for two/one, please

Most of the time English will get you everywhere you need to be, but it helps to have a few phrases in your back pocket to be polite.

Key things to know before travelling to Malaysia

When you’re in Malaysia, you have to realise it’s probably different from wherever you come from. The climate is unique and the culture differs. So, here are some key things to know before your trip:

- It’s very humid and can rain at a moment’s notice so always pack a raincoat

- There are still squat toilets so don’t be frightened if you find one

- The cuisine is a fusion of many other Asian cultures

- Shops stay open until 10 pm on weekdays

- Don't wear shoes indoors unless everyone else has theirs on

- Malaysians don’t tend to embrace public displays of affection

- Don't compare Malaysia to Singapore or talk about Singapore to the locals - there’s a deep rivalry there

- Avoid pointing with your forefinger as it’s seen as a rude gesture in Malaysia

- Always check before crossing the road at traffic lights as many drivers don’t adhere to the rules

- It’s advised to dress modestly as Malaysia is a Muslim country

Malaysia travel guide summary

We’ll be honest, we’re a bit jealous you get to go to this piece of Southeast Asian paradise. Malaysia is so pretty and full of awesome things to do. Use our Malaysia travel guide to help you on your way - and don’t forget to pick up a SIM card before you go. Both the Jetpac and Borderless plans are available. 





Published 2023-06-29

Written by Circles.Life


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