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One perfect plan, shared across 2 devices

Smartest pair to beat

Get an additional SIM and plug it to any second device and start sharing your base plan. Two devices, one plan.

Here’s why it’s a must-have:

No need to hunt for Wi-Fi. Connect anywhere 24/7.

Same plan across 2 devices. Great for tablets.

Save your phone battery. No more hotspotting.

One perfect plan for all

Choose a 20 GB or 100GB plan and share it across two devices.

Start with the best. Flex as you go – customize our plans to make them truly yours anytime in-app.

*Price returns to $40/mo after 12 months.

The plan all our customers love – a must-have for all data lovers like you are.

*Price returns to $60/mo after 12 months.

Data as flexible as you are

There are many ways to use your Multi-SIM:

Tablets & iPads

Second Phone

Portable WiFi or cellular-enabled device


The new Circles.Life Multi-SIM is a data-only SIM card that allows you to share data from your Circles.Life base plan seamlessly across all your devices. That means no more data wastage!

You get:

  • – Hassle-free data sharing with your existing plan
  • – Manage usage across all your devices on the Circles.Life app
  • – Monthly charge to your base plan, cancel anytime

The Multi-SIM is originally priced at $14/mo, but for a limited time only – customers who sign-up for a circles life base plan with a multi-sim will get it for $12/mo forever! This means you can enjoy your 4G data across two devices for just $30/mo*.

Yes, it’s compatible with all devices which allow for cellular connection.

No, you can only use Data with this SIM