Unlimited is always the way to go

No cap on what you can do with your data for just $38/mo

Putting the 'U' in Unlimited

You always come first with us.

As if our 100GB/mo Unlimited Data wasn’t enough, we’re adding 4G Data Rollover to sweeten the deal.
Any leftover data you don’t use gets automatically rolled over to the next month. Told you it was a sweet deal.

Limitless Data



  • 100 Mins Talktime

  • 25 SMS

  • Free Caller ID

  • With 4G Rollover (roll over up to 300GB of high speed 4G data)

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*Price shown is for Number Transfer only

If you’re a Circles.Life user, simply add Unlimited Data via the app here.


Is Unlimited Data too much for you?

For $18.17, we’ve got a 20GB Plan too

But, what is Rollover Data exactly?

Our Unlimited Data Plan with Rollover Data ensures that not a single GB goes to waste

1st Month

We start you off with 100GB data with 4G speeds. Let’s say you used 30GB of that.

2nd Month

Your leftover 70GB is rolled over to the next month. Add that to this month’s 100GB and you have 170GB.

3rd Month

Only used another 30GB? 140GB
is rolled over, now you have a
whooping 240GB!

I want this plan

If you’re a Circles.Life user, simply add Unlimited Data in the app here.

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Dive into FAQs

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