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Putting the 'U' in Unlimited

Data is love. Streaming is life.

As if our 100GB/mo Unlimited Data wasn’t enough, we’re adding 4G Data Rollover to our existing Unlimited Data plan. 

Any leftover data you don’t use gets automatically rolled over to the next month.  It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s awesome.

Is Unlimited Data too much for you? Check out our 20GB Plan for $18.

We make it easy

Whether you’re looking for a new number or keeping your existing one, we make it easy for you to get 100GB.

Learn more about Number Transfer from Kai, our Junior Customer Support.

The add-on that keeps rolling

For the same amount, you can now roll over up to 300GB of high speed 4G data from any leftover data you have each month. 


Get the Unlimited Data add-on either from add-ons during purchase or activate it in-app!


Stay on Unlimited Data, and your Data rollover will automatically be included


Rollover data never expires as long as you don’t cancel
your subscription.

If you’re a Circles.Life user, simply add Unlimited Data in the app here.

What does Rollover Data really mean?

 Enjoy watching YouTube or Netflix with close to 0 lag on our #1 industry-tested network for video streaming.

 Any extra data you don’t use each month is automatically rolled over to next month for you. Here’s how:


Start with a 100GB data with 4G speeds


Only used 30GB? Additional 70GB
is rolled over to the next month. Now
you have 170GB.


Only used another 30GB? 140GB
is rolled over, now you have a
whooping 240GB!

If you’re a Circles.Life user, add Unlimited Data in the app here.

What does Rollover Data really mean?

You could be doing a lot more with 100GB/mo of data. Stream hours of your favorite series when you turn on Unlimited Data for just $20. 

 Any extra data you don’t use each month is automatically rolled over to next month for you. Here’s how:

If you’re a Circles.Life user, add Unlimited Data in the app here.

You've got nothing to worry about

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Rollover any data you don’t use to the next month

Rollover any data you
don’t use to the next month

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100GB with Rollover: Our Best Unlimited Data Plan in Singapore 

Smash your data cap and supercharge your plan with a massive 100GB per month. It’s the best unlimited data plan with awesome 4G speeds across Singapore to keep you going and going and going. Chat, stream, browse, shop and post to your heart’s content with no lock-in contract tying you down for two years. With Circles.Life, it’s never been easier to get unlimited data without blowing your budget! 

Squeeze more value from your data plan with rollover 

You know the feeling. You load up your plan with a mountain of data at an absolute steal, free to stream, share and scroll through whatever you like without needing to anxiously check your cap. But there’s something sad about seeing all that unused data trickle away at the end of the month, isn’t there?

We decided your unused data is too good to waste, which is why the unlimited mobile data plan now comes with automatic rollover. Anything you don’t use from your unlimited allocation carries to the next month – that’s everything except your starting 20GB and any data you get from boosters, roaming and other bonuses. 

Hey, we get it. You didn’t come here to do math. Here’s an example to clear things up: 

Month 1: You start with 100GB, which consists of 20GB Base Plan and 80GB cap of Unlimited Data allocation. At the end of the month, you use only 30GB – this will be consumed from the Unlimited Data allocation.
Month 2: Only Unlimited Data allocation can be rolled over to the next month. 50GB unused Unlimited Data allocation from Month 1 adds to your usual 100GB (150GB total). You use 50GB.
Month 3: Your unused Unlimited Data allocation from Month 2 (80GB) adds to your usual 100GB. You now have 180GB!

You can keep your data rolling over up to a massive 300GB per month. It’s yet another perk built into our Unlimited Data add-on at no extra cost. 

Fancy unlimited mobile data? Getting started is a breeze

We don’t make you jump through hoops to get your hands on this sweet deal. Whether you’re new to Circles.Life or already part of the family, it’s easy to start enjoying our unlimited 4G data plan in Singapore

If you’re joining us for the first time, simply choose Unlimited Data as an add-on to your SIM card when you checkout. For those who are already part of the Circles.Life family, don’t worry! Just open the app and activate the add-on whenever you like. It really is that easy. 

Because rollover kicks in automatically with Unlimited Data, you don’t need to lift a finger to start enjoying the benefits. Well, except to scroll endlessly through your feeds with all that extra data you have to play with. 

Oh, and by the way, your rollover data will never expire as long as you have Unlimited Data as an active add-on. Pretty sweet, right? 

Just another reason to make the switch  

An unlimited mobile data plan with rollover is really cool, but it’s just the tip of the Circles.Life iceberg. As a people-powered telco, we’re more interested in what’s easier for you, not what’s easier for us. Putting control back in your hands is at the heart of everything we do and we’re proud to be a forward-thinking telco. 

For starters, we’re fully digital. This means we don’t bother with physical stores and you don’t need to meet anybody to sign up. You get more value out of your plan, awesome 4G network speeds and coverage, an app that just works, rapid SIM delivery and an effortless way to transfer your number

But just because we’re fully digital, don’t go thinking we’ll be leaving you in the dark. You can get help in the blink of an eye from one of our amazing team members on live chat through the app, on Facebook Messenger or by leaving us a quick message. You can even schedule a video call or drop us a voicemail!

Frequently asked questions about unlimited data plans

We don’t believe in tying you down with pesky lock-in contracts full of hidden fees and terms. That’s why, we’ve built perfect plans for your mobile broadband and portable dongles. Our data-only plan is contract-free, allowing you to downgrade or upgrade anytime you like.  

If you want to tweak your inclusions after your SIM has been activated, simply open the Circles.Life app and select or remove any add-ons as you need them. 

If you remove the Unlimited data add-on, you will be allowed to use the entire allocation till the end of the month, but will forfeit the right to any roll-over for the upcoming month. 

Stuck in a lock-in contract?

Let us know when your contract ends and we’ll send you a reminder to port over to Circles.Life.

Click here for a guide on where to find your contract end date.

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