Mastering data roaming: Guide to stress-free international connectivity


Written by: Circles.Life

Travelling soon? Exciting! But, we all know that staying connected is as essential as your passport when traversing international borders.

Whether you're capturing memories at world landmarks or conducting business from a café in Bangkok, Circles.Life has your back with competitive roaming options and the game-changing Borderless plan.

Ready to roam stress-free? Explore what our Borderless plan has to offer.

1. Understand your roaming needs

Before you buckle up, take a moment to assess your connectivity needs. Are you a social media buff, business traveller, or just someone who needs to make a few essential calls?

Knowing your data consumption habits will help you pick the perfect roaming plan, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience. Remember, a well-informed traveller is a happy traveller!

2. Meet Circles.Life Borderless Plan

Say hello to hassle-free international connectivity with Circles.Life Borderless plan! Imagine using your full data allowance in Singapore and 8 other popular Asian countries with the same seamless data connectivity — without the fear of hidden charges or bill shocks. What’s more, Borderless offers both physical SIM and eSIM options!

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3. Activate roaming before takeoff

Ensure you activate your roaming services before your plane takes to the skies. It's a small step but crucial for avoiding any connectivity hiccups once you land.

However, you can skip this hassle with Circles.Life Borderless plan. From the moment you sign up and activate Borderless, you’ll be automatically connected to our partner networks if you travel to any of the 8 covered countries outside of Singapore.

4. Track your data usage

Nobody wants a shocking bill ruining their post-vacation glow! With the Circles.Life app, you can effortlessly monitor your data usage in real-time, giving you control and peace of mind. So go ahead and share those travel IG stories without a worry in the world!

5. Keep an eye on local networks

Staying connected to a local network is important for uninterrupted connectivity and avoiding unexpected charges. With Circles.Life’ network block feature, data roaming will be automatically latched onto our partner network upon touchdown so that you can enjoy unprecedented peace of mind throughout your travels.

6. Enjoy cost-effective connectivity

Worried about hefty roaming charges? We’ve got you! Circles.Life offers transparent, cost-effective pricing, ensuring that you stay connected without burning a hole in your pocket. It's all about making memories, not accumulating charges!

Explore Circles.Life roaming options and say goodbye to exorbitant roaming fees!

7. Backup and go!

Before heading overseas, always back up your essential data. It's like packing an extra pair of socks – it might not be necessary, but it's great to have them just in case!


Travelling should be about soaking in experiences, not fretting over connectivity. By choosing Circles.Life for your roaming needs, you’re all set for a journey filled with joy, discovery, and uninterrupted connections.

Ready for stress-free adventures? Explore the Circles.Life Borderless plan and roaming options today!





Published 2023-10-03

Written by Circles.Life


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