Should you say yes to Circles.Life’s CIS plan?


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It’s becoming hard to imagine work life without a phone. Taking calls, checking emails, sharing files, even sending memes to workmates to brighten up their Monday morning – the power of our helpful handhelds is clear. 

That’s why it’s no surprise that successful managers and corporate decision-makers are focusing more than ever on helping employees get the most out of their phone. 

With the Circles.Life Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) offering Singapore businesses amazing value, perks and flexibility, is it time for you to say YES to a new corporate phone plan? Of course!

It’s never been easier to bring the benefits of CIS to your team. Staff can sign up with us directly once your brand is registered, saving you countless hours and more than a few headaches. But superhero levels of convenience aren’t the only reason to join forces with the Circles.Life crew. 

Afterall, you need to decide what’s good for you — well, that’s leaving the power in your hands, isn’t it? If you’re still not sure, let us help you think through this 💪


Good communication is the fuel that drives modern businesses forward. Everything from complex client proposals to everyday interactions between colleagues plays a huge role in the corporate world. But you already know the importance of keeping your team connected. The question is, are they equipped for it? 🤔

Circles.Life CIS plans come with Unlimited Talktime Forever as standard, and it’s a perk we offer exclusively to our corporate fam. No employee is left behind. 

It’s not just for local teams, either: the IDD add-on upgrades your corporate mobile plan with 150 mins/month across 15 countries. No need for all staff to have IDD? No worries. Add-ons can be toggled on individual plans in-app at any time. Too easy.


If we agree on the importance of communication, then data is essential. A fast and stable internet connection is the bare minimum for modern businesses, especially after the shift to remote working. But can your staff rely on their private home network to stay online and productive? 

Our corporate cell phone plans start with a massive 50GB/month to keep your team agile, on the move and immune to frustrating disruptions caused by spotty Wi-Fi. Staff can use an optional add-on to share one data plan across two SIMs – perfect for tablets, Wi-Fi routers, dongles and mobile hotspots. ⚡️


Though travel has been out of the question for the past 18 months, things are slowly returning to normal across the world. That means trips out of Singapore could soon be back on the agenda for staff to work on overseas projects, attend global industry events, meet with clients abroad or travel for any other reason. 

Roaming is a piece of cake with Circles.Life CIS plans. Members can simply open the app and choose an add-on to get all the international call minutes and data they need in select countries around the world. No need to research the best corporate phone plan for roaming: just a few taps to toggle extras on and off each month. Smooth, simple, straightforward. 🙌


We’d never dream of taking your power to choose. Things change, we get that. It’s why all our corporate mobile phone deals are contract-free, no matter how you swing it. Yep! There’s no nasty fine print tying your team down for the long haul. Just a monthly business phone plan packed with exclusive benefits and free from commitment. 

Can you feel it? That warm and fuzzy feeling? It’s called freedom. 😇

Register your company for CIS benefits today – we’re already waiting in the wings to help you get started!

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