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Traveling During the Pandemic? This is the Only Checklist You Need

2nd September 2021

Everyone’s holiday plans have been royally screwed over the past 18 months – that goes without saying. But who needs pina coladas and white sand beaches when you have Netflix and a giant bowl of Chendol? Right? Guys? 😭

Couch breakdowns aside, the pandemic has permanently transformed the way we travel. It goes beyond cancelled flights and delayed holidays: everything from the way we book to the travel accessories we pack has changed for good. 

Travel corridors are slowly reopening, which means some of us are daring to start making our first Covid travel plans. But it’s more important than ever to plan ahead, follow guidance and, above all, stay safe.

Whether you’re traveling during the pandemic for work, leisure or anything in between, we’ve put together the only checklist you need to jet off without a worry in the world. 🤩  

Psst, be sure to read till the very end because we’ve also included the best roaming plan for you to roam like you’re home! 🎉

Check the Covid travel restrictions at home and abroad


Before you even think about packing your favorite swimsuit, you need to be clear on restrictions in Singapore and at your destination. Do you need to quarantine or self-isolate? Is there a curfew? Will you need to get tested? What type of test? Be thorough and know what to expect so you avoid any nasty surprises. 🤓

Look for flexible booking options


Before the pandemic, you’d be forgiven for booking a holiday without thinking too much about whether it could be cancelled. In 2021, you’d be considered totally crazy. Make sure you’re chill with all the cancellation policies before you pay for anything, especially around changes in restrictions. Flights, accommodation, events – read all the fine print! Most companies have relaxed their rules on cancellations or transfers, but don’t leave anything to chance. 

Pack your Covid-safe travel accessories 


Already filled your suitcase? Don’t forget the basics. These are the Covid travel accessories you need basically every time you leave the house during the pandemic: 

  • Face mask (plus some spares in a clean zip lock bag)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Disinfectant spray or wipes

Optional extras:

  • Face shield
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand cream (to help your skin cope with all that sanitiser) 

Consider Covid travel insurance 


It’s harder than ever to justify skipping out on travel insurance. Even if your bookings are flexible, Covid travel insurance can cover pandemic-related issues and other headaches that might otherwise leave you in serious trouble when you’re away from home. Check out the packages available and consider the added peace of mind you can achieve by spending a little extra on coverage. ✈️

Get your digital passes ready


The tourism industry has totally changed to adapt to social distancing and contact-free processes. From boarding passes to bus tickets, most of your travel paperwork has moved to digital platforms to reduce any risk of transmission. The same goes for any mandatory tests or entry permits you may need when arriving at your destination or returning home to Singapore. Make sure you download any necessary apps, passes, permits and forms in advance so you aren’t left red-faced at the departure gates! 😳

Stay connected with international roaming data


It’s more important than ever to stay connected while overseas. Having a reliable international SIM card isn’t just about getting smooth uploads to the ‘Gram, but also staying up-to-date with local restrictions and having access to all your permits, test results and booking passes and itineraries. 

With Circles.Life data roaming, you don’t even need to stress about getting a separate roaming SIM card. Simply open the app, choose a booster or add-on and roam like you’re home! 

Roam Boost A and B: Super affordable one-off boosters in selected countries. It should have always been this easy. 

Super Roam: Monthly roaming data add-on valid in a wider pool of countries. Power roaming, anyone?

All set up with your Circles.Life data roaming SIM card? Checklist all done? Then stop wasting time, we’ll see you there soon! 🏝😎

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