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Bag the Title of Star Employer of the Year With Circles.Life’s CIS Program

27th August 2021

Corporate cell phone plans used to be a mark of business royalty. CEOs, vice presidents, directors and senior managers enjoyed corporate mobile phone deals alongside other perks like stock options, a company car and exclusive use of the only coffee machine in the office that actually works. Meanwhile, junior and mid-level employees trudged down to the local 7-Eleven, heads hung low as they forked out to get a top-up card for an overpriced prepaid SIM. 

Okay, we might be getting a bit dramatic, but the times have definitely changed. The dodgy coffee machines have been fixed, SIM-only plans are actually incredibly affordable now and even the best corporate mobile plans are no longer a luxury. They’ve become a common perk offered even to entry-level workers, and the Circles.Life Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) is making it easier than ever for Singapore’s businesses to save on value-packed corporate mobile phone deals

Are you taking advantage of this unmissable opportunity to sign your business up for a CIS corporate phone plan?

The benefits that make CIS a no-brainer for Singapore businesses

1. Super easy to set up

Before you start thinking it’s too much extra work to set up CIS with Circles.Life, we have good news. All you need to do to get your company on board is fill up this short form and let us take care of the rest. Once you’re up and running, your work here is done! Staff can sign up with us directly by punching in their email to verify if they are eligible. It’s almost too easy. 

2. Designed for your business

The Circles.Life CIS is tailored just for businesses. This means our plans can benefit companies of any size and scope, from small businesses with tight-knit teams to sprawling enterprises with thousands of staff. When you make a CIS request, we’ll cook up an exclusive corporate cell phone plan to meet your budget and workload. 

3. Attracts new talent


Employers were once in the driver’s seat, able to hire on-demand from a long line of eager candidates. But recruitment is more competitive than ever now: candidates have more control over who they choose to work for and when. Offering the perk of a CIS plan is a great way to incentivize potential hires and retain your current staff for longer.

4. Supports remote working


Remote working is here to stay for many businesses in Singapore, even if it’s on a part-time basis. Relying heavily on home networks can cause major disruptions for staff whose need for a reliable phone plan has never been more important. With a CIS corporate phone plan in place, your team can keep in touch with clients and colleagues at all hours with minimal downtime caused by spotty shared Wi-Fi. 

5. Benefits friends and family


How’s this for value: each CIS code an employee receives can be used up to 5 times. This means they can redeem it themselves and pass the code to FOUR extra people so they can share the benefits. Now that’s a pretty sweet perk. 

How we empower local businesses

Circles.Life is proud to partner with countless businesses in Singapore that have faced unprecedented challenges in recent times. It’s our mission to continue offering unrivaled value with corporate cell phone plans powered by our superfast 4G network with >99% islandwide network coverage. 

Whether you want to offer a new perk to your workforce or shift away from managing their phone plans on your own, sign up for our CIS plans in Singapore and give your business a platform to succeed no matter what’s thrown your way.

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