No Strings Attached: Pairing Your Device with the Perfect No-Contract Plan


Written by: Circles.Life

The era of being tethered to lengthy mobile contracts is fading in Singapore. Leading this transformation is Circles.Life, a frontrunner in offering no-contract SIM-only plans, eSIM options, and exclusive 1TB 5G plans. In this article, we delve into why choosing a no-contract plan from Circles.Life is not just a choice, but a gateway to unparalleled mobile freedom.

Unleash the power of choice with Circles.Life’s no-contract plans.

The rise of no-contract mobile plans

Gone are the days when being tied to a lengthy two-year contract was the norm. Remember the dreadful wait for your contract to end so that you can finally upgrade your device? Oh, and the frustration when you realise that you’re overpaying for a plan, but you can’t terminate it without hefty penalties? Or the hassle of notifying everyone on your contact list about your new number because you can’t simply port your old number between network providers?

With no-contract mobile plans, we now enjoy more freedom and control over our mobile and data plans. However, many traditional mobile network operators (MNO) like Singtel and Starhub still entice customers to sign up for mobile contract plans with low upfront costs for a new smartphone. While it may seem like a great deal, you’d be locked in with the MNO for at least two years and may end up paying a lot more than if you were to buy the smartphone and a no-contract plan separately.

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Tailoring your plan to your lifestyle

At Circles.Life, we don’t believe in tying you down in any way – because we believe you'll be getting more than enough value to stick around with us.

Whether you’re a heavy data user, a frequent traveller, or someone who cherishes simple, hassle-free plans, our zero-contract SIM-only plans offer unparalleled flexibility and value for money, making them a more appealing option for the modern mobile user. What’s more, you can also easily adapt your plans to changing needs – a feature rarely found with traditional telcos lock-in contracts.

Experience the Circles.Life difference

As Singapore’s pioneer digital telco and disruptor to its traditional telco space, Circles.Life offers a wide array of innovative plans and features that set it apart from its competitors. Let us take a deeper look:

• Seamless connectivity with eSIM: eSIM is available on ALL of Circles.Life plans. Whether it’s multiple plans on a single device, using the same plan on a variety of devices, or instant activation, our eSIM represents the pinnacle of convenience for all your connectivity needs.

• Travel with convenience: Enjoy seamless connectivity with one roaming data plan in Singapore and eight other popular Asian countries. Activate once, and use your data allowance anyway and anywhere you want whenever you’re in any of the supported countries. Learn more about Circles.Life Borderless Plan.

• Epic data: Maximise your on-the-go streaming and gaming experience with our market-exclusive 1TB 5G data plan. With a whopping 1TB data rollover, you’d never have to worry about data wastage ever again. In addition, you receive unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, plus the exclusive perk of 4x $10 Golden Village tickets monthly to enjoy quality time offline.

• Delightful rewards: Circle of Joy is our exclusive loyalty program, designed to further enrich your experience with exciting rewards and exclusive benefits.

Explore Circles.Life’s no-contract SIM-only plans.

The seamless switch to Circles.Life with eSIM

Switching from another telco to Circles.Life is a seamless and straightforward process. Not sure how to port your number over? Check out our guide: All the questions about number porting you were too shy to ask.

If you have an eSIM-compatible phone and rather skip the wait for a new physical SIM (though we do offer delivery within 1 to 3 days), you can pick our eSIM option and enjoy the benefits of your new plan in as little as five minutes!

Discover Circles.Life eSIM.

Why choose Circles.Life?

Opting for a no-contract plan with Circles.Life goes beyond conventional mobile service choices. It’s about embracing a lifestyle of flexibility, hyper-convenience, and cutting-edge technology.

With unique offerings like eSIM, the Borderless Plan, and the exclusive 1TB 5G data plan, Circles.Life is not just a mobile plan provider; it’s a gateway to a new era of mobile telecommunications in Singapore.

Embrace mobile freedom with us. Sign up for Circles.Life no-contract plans today.





Published 2023-12-14

Written by Circles.Life


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