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Apple’s Making Big Boy Moves: An All 5G iPhone Lineup in 2022

27th August 2021

The new iPhone 13 series is just around the corner, yet we just can’t help digging up the latest rumors on Apple’s plans for the iPhone in 2022. We know, we know. But we have a good reason for bringing you this scoop: word on the street is that Apple is (finally) planning on going all-in on 5G next year with an upgrade to the iPhone SE. 

This is massive for a company that’s been called a latecomer to the 5G race, especially for fans who don’t want to splurge on the latest Apple iPhones. Sure, the iPhone 12 series introduced 5G and the iPhone 13 leaks predict the same this year, but what about those of us on a tight budget?

Well, an insider has told Nikkei Asia that Apple is quietly preparing to launch a budget 5G phone next year in the form of an upgraded iPhone SE, which would mark the first time fans can choose from a full range of iPhones with 5G. Rumors suggest the new iPhone SE (2022) will have the A15 chip, the very same processor experts predict will feature in the premium iPhone 13 models. If true, the upcoming budget Apple phone could be one of the biggest new iPhone releases ever.  

What does 5G mean for Singapore

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to 5G. We had 3G a while back, then 4G and now we’re going up one more number. So what? 

Here’s the thing: 5G networks aren’t just a bit faster.

They are WAY faster.

We’re talking up to 20x faster than 4G, with speeds theoretically reaching up to 20Gbps. Even if your 5G phone doesn’t get to those heights, it will still leave 4G in the dust with face-melting mobile data speeds like you’ve never seen before. 

As a result, 5G technology will transform just about everything. Think of it like a supercharged network that gives the whole country a massive internet upgrade, and not just for silky smooth online gaming and streaming movies in HD without interruption. It will also keep friends and family connected, help businesses work faster and smarter, and give us all access to more online resources than ever before.

Why are 5G networks so much faster than 4G? 

Part of the secret to the rapid speeds of 5G networks is lower latency (how long it takes to respond to requests for information) and greater bandwidth (how much information can be sent at the same time).

Let’s dial back the geek-speak for a second. Imagine that Instagram Reel you’re trying to load is represented by six cars in a tunnel. Small bandwidth squeezes the tunnel into a single lane, with each car driving in a line. This means the car at the back will arrive later than the one at the front, making your video take a little longer to load. A wide bandwidth expands the tunnel to six lanes, allowing each car to reach its destination at the same time without any traffic. As for latency? That’s how long it takes for your drivers to react to the green light at the start!

Circles.Life 5G: Here’s where we come in

At Circles.Life, our mission is to give you the phone plan of your dreams with the value you deserve – and that includes a connection that works better than ever. No shortcuts, no compromise, just all the stuff you like without anything you don’t. As the new 5G network continues its roll out across Singapore, we’re working hard behind the scenes on some amazing goodies that we can’t wait to share with you.

We’re playing it cool and waiting for the big reveal, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for the big announcement. Trust us, you’re gonna love it. 

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