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Don’t Miss These 6 Super Juicy iPhone 13 Rumors

17th August 2021

The rumor mill is buzzing into a frenzy ahead of the expected Apple iPhone 13 release date in Singapore in September 2021, and we can barely sit still. There are loads of iPhone 13 leaks and rumors to unpack, including the design, models, specs and more, so let’s dive right in! 🤿

The new iPhone name

In case it wasn’t already obvious, analysts predict Apple’s new phone series will be called the iPhone 13. Creative, right? Some wondered if they would go for 12S, but it seems they’re happy to take the full leap straight to 13. 

To be honest, we’re just thrilled they’re not planning to skip a number like they did in 2017 (#justiceforiPhone9).

iPhone 13 release date

Apple knows we get a hankering for new releases, so they’ve made a habit of launching the new iPhone in September each year. Last year’s iPhone 12 series launch was delayed (we have no idea why, something about a “pandemic” that we must have missed), but they seem to be back to their usual schedule.

This means we can expect a launch or announcement around 7 or 8 September, followed by the official iPhone 13 release date around mid-September in Singapore 👀 . Punch it into your calendar, strap yourself in and be ready to fire up the live stream!

iPhone 13 phone lineup: Four different models

The latest iPhone 13 leaks suggest there will be four new phones dropping in September with similar names and sizes to last year’s models. We expect to see:

  • iPhone 13 (6.1-inch display)
  • iPhone 13 Mini (5.4-inch display)
  • iPhone 13 Pro (6.1-inch display)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7-inch display)

There’s talk the new iPhones might be a little thicker than last year (or perhaps just big-boned 🍑 ), probably to account for a better battery.

We don’t predict a big overhaul of the overall design or visual impact. Most of the changes should be under the hood, but there are plenty of exciting rumors to keep us mega hyped for the upcoming release.

iPhone 13 specs

There are a bunch of cool spec upgrades rumored to be packed into the iPhone 13 series: 

🧠  New chip

Expect a new A15 Bionic chip delivering even better performance than the impressive A14 found in the iPhone 12.

📲  Smoother display

120Hz refresh rate for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, which should result in even smoother scrolling and higher framerates on compatible games. 

🔎  Smaller notch

Leaks suggest the new iPhone will have a smaller notch above the display, an improvement we’ve been dying for, ever since Apple first unveiled the iPhone X. 

iPhone 13 camera 

The camera is one of the biggest features of any iPhone and we’re expecting great things from the new lineup: 

📸  Bigger camera sensors

Rumors hint that the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max – if not all four models – will come with significantly bigger camera sensors for better image quality, especially at night.

🤩  New camera design

Though the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini will probably stick with a dual camera, there are good odds it will change from vertical alignment to diagonal: kind of like dice showing the number two.  

👋  More camera stabilisation

Sensor-shift technology introduced to the wide camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max will likely expand to all iPhone 13 models for better low light performance, reduced camera shake and better image quality. 

iPhone 13 colors 

We’re always excited to see what colors are available for new iPhones, but at this stage, it’s anyone’s guess. The most credible rumors so far lean towards matte black, silver, rose gold and sunset gold (think bronze), with the black color probably replacing space gray.

There was intense discussion about Apple releasing a bright pink iPhone in this year’s launch, but to our grief, that rumor has since been dismissed as nothing more than a concept drawing. 🥺

The best way to get a new iPhone in Singapore

The days of queuing up under the scorching sun to get the latest phones are over. The Circles.Life Combo Plan lets you snag a new phone on a contract-free plan starting with 20GB or 100GB of data per month – with just the click of a button. 

We’ll be working hard to get the Apple iPhone 13 to you as soon as we can, but we still offer the fantastic iPhone 12 series for those who just can’t wait.

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