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5G Will Change the Social World – Here’s How

1st July 2021

5G is the FUTURE

5G is one of the hottest trends of 2021, but it can be hard to wrap your head around what it really means for Singapore. You may already know it will give you a faster connection for mobile data, but is there more to it? In fact, what even is 5G?

Here’s a crash course: 5G, which stands for 5th generation, is a new type of mobile network that is faster and more efficient than older versions. We’ve already been through upgrades to 2G, 3G and now 4G, which is what most of us now use to surf the web on our phones. You don’t really need to know the nitty gritty of how it’s been improved, just that 5G is a massive overall upgrade to the tech that lets you use mobile data.  

Your phone won’t work with the new network unless it’s designed to be 5G ready, but most new phones are future-proofed in this case. The iPhone 12 is 5G ready, as are phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and the new Oppo 5G phones, the Reno 5 and Reno 5 Pro – along with plenty of others.

While speed is the biggest benefit of 5G, it would be a serious undersell to say that it’s just going to cut buffering times on YouTube. For one, it’s not just a bit faster than 4G – it absolutely blows it out of the water. 5G speeds can reach up to 10 times what you get on a 4G connection, a mind-blowing increase that will have far-reaching effects as the network is expanded in Singapore and adopted by more and more users. 

In the near future: seamless video load & the like 

One of the quickest impacts of 5G will be your quality of life when using the internet. Sure, Google results and other web pages load faster, but it truly shines when large chunks of data needs to be passed back and forth between your phone and the internet without hiccups. Seamless HD video calls will become the norm, with less time spent staring at pixelated, barely recognisable faces and listening to garbled, robotic voices as they go through a dead patch. 

5G is also a massive game changer for entertainment. Instead of waiting until you get WiFi to download apps and stream 4K Netflix shows, 5G will give you the face-melting speeds to do it whenever you like, from your morning commute to your lunch break at work. You can also expect buttery smooth connections and ultra low latency for multiplayer gaming – perfect for fast-paced titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty

Over the next decade: VR and driverless cars 

Because so much of what we do relies on how quickly we can send data over the internet, 5G is set to transform more than just our social lives. Pretty much every modern industry will be able to accelerate productivity with 5G, and the lightning speeds will unlock new potential for AI on our handheld devices. You can expect virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to become way more accessible and practical, with tons of everyday uses that can be achieved with a data connection. 

Another area experts reckon will be impacted heavily by 5G is driverless cars. Though semi-autonomous vehicles are already being sold, they are yet to take over our roads – one reason being they rely heavily on being able to communicate quickly with other driverless vehicles. 5G is set to change everything by making it possible for a road full of autonomous cars to talk with each other in real-time, improving safety and efficiency. Who knows, In a few years you may be jumping in driverless taxis every weekend!

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