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Written by: Circles.Life

At Circles.Life, we’re always looking for new expert-level hacks to help us with the daily grind in Singapore. Whether it’s sucking up to our local convenience store auntie so they give us extra food or tapping our EZLink card before 7:45am for that sweet, sweet discount, we’re a little obsessed with squeezing every last drop out of life. 😇

That’s why no one can stop us from constantly preaching the perks of mobile hotspotting. To be honest, we have no idea how anyone could ever live without it, especially when your phone is powered up with heaps of mobile data. Whether you run a cheap data-only plan on the side or stay connected with the best unlimited 4G data plan in Singapore, a mobile hotspot can be an absolute lifesaver.

#1 Sending an urgent email when the wi-fi goes down

We don’t know about you, but Wi-Fi dropouts are the quickest way to get us from total Zen to flipping tables. And regardless of whether you’re working at home or in the office, the Wi-Fi seems to wait until the EXACT moment you hit Send on that urgent, career-defining email before cutting out. Wah lau eh! But with a mobile hotspot to get you back online, you’ll be greasing off your dodgy Wi-Fi like it’s your clingy ex. 😒

#2 Dealing with family and housemates who hog the internet

Mum insisting on FaceTiming for 12 hours straight? Brother or sister gaming online all day? Housemates reckon now is the time to download all 6 seasons of The Sopranos, in full HD no less? 🙄 Sharing Wi-Fi is a drainer at the best of times, but especially when you urgently need a smooth connection. Breathe in, breathe out and flick on your personal hotspot: now you have your own private connection, free to do as you please!

#3 Turning your morning commute into a solid binge session

Sure, you could jump on the MRT and just stare out the window like some depressed zombie. But why not use your mobile plan to sneak in a couple of eps of your favorite show instead? Bring along your tablet, get online with a mobile hotspot and binge like you mean it on a bigger and better screen. Circles.Life 99% 4G islandwide coverage includes the MRT and underground, so that’s your morning commute sorted. 💅💅

#4 Downloading books to your kindle on the fly 

Kindle is the ultimate companion for the modern bookworm. It’s like having an entire library in your pocket, but without the overdue fees or the creepy guy muttering in the corner. Even though it works like a treat offline, it’s even better when you hook it up to a mobile hotspot and get access to the hundreds of thousands of titles available through the Amazon Kindle store. And since books are usually only a few megabytes each, they download in a matter of seconds for offline reading. ⚡️

#5 Staying away from dangerous public wi-fi networks

If you still use free Wi-Fi networks, you should probably stop. Like, now. Any type of open or public Wi-Fi network is bad news because it comes with some serious security risks that you need to stay aware of. As former free Wi-Fi addicts ourselves, we know this is devastating news. But guess what? With a good SIM-only plan with packs of data that lets you turn your phone into a mobile hotspot any time, you never need to even think about public Wi-Fi ever again. Thanks for the countless hours of free internet, Starbucks… but bye! 👋😘





Published 2021-10-27

Written by Circles.Life


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