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Travel YouTube channels to help you plan your trip


Written by: Circles.Life

You know what they say – planning for an upcoming trip is half the fun of traveling. Some of us devour everything on our favorite travel blogs to get a head start, while others prefer following top YouTube creators to get a glimpse of the places and points of interest we’re about to visit. It’s one of the best ways to get a lowdown on the destination itself, and helps us plan our itinerary for the trip.

Check out our top 7 travel Youtube channels that you need to watch as you plan your travel around the globe and if you are travelling consider to get our International Roaming Sim so can you keep watching videos for your inspiration during your adventures!


On his Youtube channel, the sarcastic and brutally honest British expat Chris Abroad shares videos about his life in Japan with his 2.63 million followers.

His cinematic and high-quality videos cover his honest living, working, and breathing Japan experiences for the past 6 years. His channel, AbroadinJapan, will tell you all the fun, scary, hilarious stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly of living as an expat in one of East Asia’s tourism epicenters. Here’s one way to make sure you don’t commit a cultural faux pas while in Japan. In one of his popular videos, What Not To Do In Japan, Chris Abroad shared about traveling habits that you should avoid while traveling in Japan as they’re deemed offensive by the locals. Definitely something worth bookmarking! And if you are travelling to Japan consider to get our International Roaming Sim so can keep watching videos for your inspiration


You’ll love this YouTube creator if you’re a fellow solo female traveler. Miss Mina is a fun-action packed channel where the frequent, solo-traveler, life-loving personality of the Seattle-based, Mina Oh, would share all of her trip stories in scenic places such as Iceland, USA, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, and many more.

Most of her videos cover all the fun things an adventurous traveler should try such as tasting authentic local street foods, staying in capsule hotels, or spending big for luxury villas/resorts in her favorite destinations to her 1.1 million subscribers.


The next travel channel you should watch is Mike Chen, created by the professional content creator Mike Chen, who has been sharing his love for traveling and food on his Youtube channel to his 6M viewers since 2014. To date, his videos have received over 292 millions views worldwide! That says something.

You’ll also find plenty of videos where he shares about airline reviews, food reviews (obviously), and his local friends’ travel tips and recommendations. Check out his must-try cheap foods video in Singapore, or under-$3 cheap meals you can find in South Korea, or his recommendation of worth-to-try fast foods in stores such as McDonald’s or 7-11 in several countries. Prepare some tissue because you’re sure to drool watching his foodie videos (speaking from experience).


Absentabroad is a visual diary, a medium for Kaew, a Bangkok native to share her cinematic and stunning videos from her travels across the globe. Think dreamy aesthetics, which are a total mood. Most of her videos are beautifully crafted and scripted, sharing all the pretty places she visited in Japan, Europe, UK, and South Korea (all the places that you should add as a must-visit in your itinerary, btw). With her soothing voice and gentle nature, absentabroad is for you who enjoys a calm, self-discovery, and slow-paced travel journey.


British-born Shu Lin has been living in London for a while. And through her visual diary uploaded on her Youtube Channel, she shares her experiences exploring the city she lives in. Her videos cover places worth visiting, walking tours, and various cafes and restaurant reviews. She constantly shares her daily experience in her vlogs too.

Watch her Living Alone In London series to get an insight into how she sees London through her eyes. Plus, check out how she plans for her local tourism adventure in her beautifully made videos.


Hey one-percenters, we got something for you too. If you’re planning for a luxurious holiday, The Luxury Travel Expert Youtube channel is one of our recommended channels to watch.

On this channel, you will be spoiled by the channel’s host experiences traveling to the world’s most luxurious destinations, from staying at an opulent overwater villa in Maldives, flying first-class, to living a high life at a grand camp in an African desert.


Treat. Yo. Self. Will, or popularly known as the creator of the Trek Trendy YouTube channel, has been reviewing the forms of luxury travel he’s been experiencing since 2015.

As a luxury travel enthusiast, his globe-trotting experiences in first class and business class on an airline or train trips are mostly eye-opening, as Will does not hold back in sharing his honest opinion about his experiences. If you are planning for a fancy trip, his videos are definitely going to be useful and give you insight about what to plan, what to expect, and what to prepare before your trip!

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