Samsung Galaxy unpacked August 2021: BTS, foldable phones and more!


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August has been one crazy month for Samsung fans thanks to a massive Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event. It wasn’t just the launch of some awesome new products that had fans hyped, but also the return of BTS members to the brand’s epic marketing campaign. 🔥

The iconic K-Pop crew featured in several promo shoots in recent weeks, with SUGA even stepping up to give us his reimagining of Samsung’s iconic theme tune “Over the Horizon”. Who knew a ringtone could be so catchy? 🎧

We’ll (reluctantly) put BTS aside for now to focus on the exciting things we learned. Let’s call it Samsung Galaxy Unpacked – Unpacked. 🤯


Samsung Unpacked has removed any doubt that foldable phones are here to stay. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is the newest Samsung foldable phone and opens like a book to reveal a huge 7.6-inch display. With another screen on the front to use when folded, the Z Fold3 is basically a Samsung phone and tablet in one. 📱

This model comes with a bunch of upgrades like water resistance, S Pen support, a stronger frame and a more scratch resistant display, plus a higher refresh rate for super smooth scrolling and gaming.


If you’re sick of how phones seem to keep getting bigger, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is for you. This Samsung flip phone folds inwards like a compact mirror instead of outwards like the Z Fold3, making it the perfect pocket-sized device. 🤳

Use the Z Flip3 as a cutting edge smartphone when unfolded or snap it shut for maximum convenience and portability. Samsung has made the cover display four times larger, plus it comes with S Pen support and a choice of some bold new colors (we’re loving cream)!


New wearables!⌚️ Samsung Galaxy Unpacked introduced the new Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic with plenty of awesome features to get excited about. The shift to Wear OS means these bad boys get access to Google Maps and a boatload of other new apps, while a new side button lets you bring up recent apps. Other upgrades include a better screen, more storage, improved health tracking, wireless fast charging and a battery life of up to 40 hours.

The Watch4 Classic is a bit pricier than the base Watch4 but offers features like stainless steel construction, a mechanical bezel and a larger size.


We reckon the Buds Pro are some of the best wireless earbuds on the market, but the new Galaxy Buds 2 shows Samsung wants to go even further. These buds have a smaller, lighter design than Buds Plus along with active noise-cancelling and audio improvements to make your favorite tunes sound better than ever. 🎵

Galaxy Buds 2 are available in three sizes and four colors, and will last up to 5 hours with noise-cancelling switched on (around 7.5 hours in normal mode).


Samsung also launched two new Samsung S Pens that work with the new foldable phones ✍️. The S Pen Fold Edition can be used to sketch and jot down notes on the Z Flip3 and Z Fold3, and doesn’t use a battery which means it won’t need charging (but can’t be used as a remote control).

The S Pen Pro is a Bluetooth upgrade that works with Samsung’s foldable phones along with other S21 or Note phones, complete with a neat trick that lets you copy and paste between devices. Just keep in mind you’ll need a separate case if you want somewhere to stow the Pro or the Fold Edition.

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Published 2021-08-30

Written by Circles.Life


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