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Must-have apps when traveling across Southeast Asia


Written by: Circles.Life

When you’re on the road, Murphy’s law kicks in. Anything can go wrong. From having your hotel booking cancelled, to being stuck in a traffic jam, having to pay more than you should, or getting lost… just to name a few.

And before you go, make sure you have our international roaming plans: at best you could be relaxing and sipping on margaritas – if not, you’ll be able to be connected and use these apps for traveling!

Nobody wants those added stress on their precious holiday. Fortunately, if you are familiar enough with these apps, they can be handy and make your trip planning a lot easier to handle. Let’s check out these 9 must-have apps on your phone that you will need as you’re travelling around our neighbouring countries!


Tripadvisor is pretty much Google for travelers. Although it was widely known as a guide for you to read reviews for restaurants, hotels, and activities in the cities you are visiting, Tripadvisor has evolved into one super app where you can book flights, hotels, experiences, and rent a private car.


In an unfamiliar city, it is not an unusual experience to get strayed further away from where you’re supposed to be. To prevent getting lost in an unfortunate situation, a street guide app is a must-have in your phone as you are traveling. And Waze is the popular one out there.

Waze displays real-time traffic information to your smartphone. Using this data, travelers can use it as a guide to getting to the destination safely and on time. Also, we heard you can customize your Waze voice and have Kevin Hart, Batman, or even Colonel Sanders tell you how to get to your destination, which is just hilarious.


Needless to say, this wildly popular super-app is one you must install as you’re traveling around Southeast Asia. Its ride-sharing and food delivery features are super convenient, easy, and practical to be used as you’re hitting the road traveling and need to get to various places safely and on time.

There are few other choices of ride-sharing apps in Southeast Asia, such as Gojek from Indonesia. But Grab is the most widely used in Southeast Asia and covers almost all countries.


We all love the best deals when booking for flights and hotels. And that’s why you need Skyscanner installed for your trip as it will help you find the best deals from various airlines and travel providers around the world.

In one booking session, you can book different airlines for your inbound and outbound flights, allowing you the flexibility for your journey. Aside from its main feature, the flight booking service, Skyscanner also offers additional services such as hotel booking service and car hire. We stan an app that saves us money.


Whether you’re looking for a budget stay, an apartment, a house, to luxurious villas, Airbnb can help you find accommodation around the world that suits your budget. Not only that, Airbnb also allows you to stay in the world’s most unique accommodations, such as a tree house, a bamboo house, a tropical villa, a yacht, and more! Pick a place that matches your vibe, and be sure to share it all over social media.


When you’re out there traveling, finding a place to eat or where to order food can be a struggle. Worry not, all you need to do is install a restaurant guide app like Zomato and it will magically display you a list of nearby restaurants with all the information you need, such as guest reviews, the restaurant’s menu, and food delivery option.


If you are a road trip enthusiast, Roadtrippers should be the app you have on your phone. A road trip is a fantastic way to travel, but planning for one isn’t easy. It can be challenging to find the best routes, pit stops, restaurants, activities, and landmarks, along the way.

Not to state the obvious, but Roadtrippers is a travel app that can help you organize road trips in many countries. It is designed primarily for road trips and focuses on providing the best routes as well as information on sites and accommodations along the way. It can also calculate your petrol spending and provide real-time route updates in the event of traffic or road closures.


One of the most underrated aspects when traveling is packing. If you’re on the lookout for an app that makes sure you never forget to pack your essentials, then Packpoint is your winner.

Packpoint is an easy-to-use app that generates checklists based on your trip needs, activities you plan to do, and weather conditions. It’s a dream come true for that friend of yours who is always planning trips for the group. Whether you’re a perfectionist packer or a last-minute packer, you need Packpoint!


You want to get from point A to point B but aren’t sure how? Check out the Rome2Rio app. Simply put the origin and destination (city, station, airport, address) into this helpful app, and voila~ you’ll be presented with various modes of public transportation, along with time and cost estimates for each.

It indicates the quickest and cheapest choice, as well as a detailed schedule for any chosen option. Save time bickering over the best way to get to your IG-worthy cafe.

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