How to be sneaky and snag extra goodies on a SIM-only plan


Written by: Circles.Life

We’re all about stealthy perks and savings, like paying $30 cash for $30.02 worth of petrol (#efficiency 😎). And since we care about YOU, the people who help make the magic happen, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any quick wins.


It’s actually a little crazy how easy it is to earn rewards through referrals. Before you ask, this isn’t any of that “$5 off your next bill” weak sauce. It’s the real deal. If you’re on our 20GB Smart Start SIM-only plan and bring a friend over from the dark side to join us here, you score Unlimited Data for 12 months for your first referral. Yep, a free upgrade that supercharges your plan with 100GB per month for the price of 20GB. Holy guacamole! For every referral after that, you’ll get 3 months Unlimited Data. You’ll even get to Spin N Win for perks like bill waivers, discounts and more in the app.

It shouldn’t be too hard to convince your pals either, since they get their registration fee waived plus Unlimited Data for 3 months on the house. If that’s not an easy win, we don’t know what is! In case you need to dangle any other carrots in front of your more cynical amigos, tell them about all the other reasons why Circles.Life has the best SIM-only deals:

How to refer a friend

All you need is the Circles.Life app, which you probably use already to track usage, redeem bonuses, grab cinema tix, vote in polls and all that other good stuff. Open the app, hit Referrals and you’ll get a unique referral code. Sling that over to your pal, they punch it in when they sign up – and you’re DONE.

The bonuses will be given to both of you automatically as soon as they activate their SIM-only plan. You can even customize the code to make it extra easy to remember 🧠 . So what are you sitting around for? Go hassle your friends, family and innocent strangers on the street immediately!

Meet our pals and enjoy the perks

We’re a social bunch at Circles.Life, and we’ve got plenty of friends in high places 😉. We regularly partner up with some of Singapore’s coolest brands to bring you awesome deals and discounts, because there’s more to life than your telco.

Keep an eye on the app (or check our socials, Partnerships page and your email inbox) to see what’s on the menu, from free app subscriptions and memberships to discounts on utilities and online shopping. (Psst, we’ve even tied up with AIG for the COVID-19 vaccine – just another reason to get the jab!)

We’re always working hard to secure new deals for you, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.


All the above is a good start, but someone upstairs reckoned we could do even better. The free puppy idea was rejected (sorry), but here are some pro tips on other perks for you to enjoy with your SIM-only plan:
- Circles.Life Quests: Complete easy monthly quests and Spin N Win for sure-win prizes. Simple.
- Promotions and giveaways: Our socials aren’t just for 🔥 memes. Follow us on Insta and Facebook for one-time promotions, giveaways and interactive campaigns.

The best time to join the people-powered telco was yesterday. The second best time is today 🤩. Get more value, more benefits and more control with a Circles.Life SIM-only plan – just a few clicks online and you’re good to go. Start with 20GB Smart Start or turn up the heat with 100GB with Rollover, then flex as you go with all the add-ons you need.





Published 2021-08-12

Written by Circles.Life



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