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Get Paid To Work Out With These 6 Apps

19th July 2021

All my life, I was never a fit person having failed my IPPT and really hated to run.


I remember it was back in 2019 when I decided to make a change to get healthier. Question is how do I keep myself accountable and not give up almost immediately.

The answer was simple, using certain apps to keep me motivated and accountable at the same time. When I say motivated, I mean getting to earn some extra moolah along the way as well.

So in this article, I’ll share the few apps that I still use on a daily basis. I’ll start by sharing the few ‘obvious’ ones that most people would know to the ones that are relatively unknown.

1. Lumihealth (iOS only)

Since I’m on Apple, the first thing was to actually subscribe to Lumihealth since I already had an Apple Watch that I bought to help me track my steps and other stats.

I actually wrote an article about Lumihealth and if it’s worth it to get an apple watch (spoiler: yes it is). This is actually a collaboration between Apple and HPB exclusively for Singapore.)

You can earn up to $380 worth of HPB vouchers which you can spend at places like NTUC and Cold Storage so it’s essentially free groceries and food vouchers!

This only works if you have Apple Watch and an iPhone, which is the biggest barrier. If you do have an iPhone at least, then consider getting an Apple Watch just for Lumihealth because you can use the Apple watch for many other apps listed below as well.

To summarize Lumihealth, it’s all about closing your rings X amount of days. By clearing the weekly challenge, you earn 8000 points.

It starts from closing all rings 3 times a week, all the way up to 6 times a week when you constantly clear your rings.

In addition, there are challenges to complete which awards you additional points as well. These range from exercise challenges to wellness challenges which are relatively simple for anyone to complete regardless of age.

It’s a fun way that actually helps gamify your exercise and health goals, so I recommend getting it if you got an iPhone and Apple Watch.

Click here to download Lumihealth today

2. Healthy 365

Another app that is an initiative from the Government is the Healthy 365 app which I’m sure most of you would have heard of.

This is to encourage people to take at least 10,000 steps a day, and to clock 150 minutes of vigorous exercise.

The best thing is that it integrates with any smartphone that can count steps, so it’s a ‘might as well’ since most people are clocking steps on a daily basis.

With the National Steps Challenge underway until the 29th August, you’ll get points where you can also cash out for HPB vouchers similar to Lumihealth as well.

Best part is you can stack both Lumihealth and Healthy 365 to double dip your rewards!

Click here to download Healthy 365 for iOS

Click here to download Healthy 365 for Android

3. Stepbet

This app is another one that rewards you based on the number of steps that you take.

However there’s a catch, you’ll need to ‘invest’ a sum of money first before you can join a game. This money is like an entry fee, and you’ll need to finish the objectives before you get a chance to win back your initial investment.

This is not gambling, but 100% skill based. If you finish the amount of steps that you need to clock for the week, then you’ll be returned your money plus the additional pot money (which comes from the ‘losers’)

The best part about this app is that it is tailored to you and your performance over the past few months. This also means if you are just starting out, then you’ll need significantly less steps to clock compared to someone who has been doing a 5 KM run daily.

If you’re interested, you can try the ‘free’ games in the app to get a feel. 

However, I recommend getting the membership to access the premium games because there’s no fees. and you take 100% of the profits after the game ends compared to the free games where a certain cut of your profits go to the developers.

With your profits, you can ‘reinvest’ in new challenges or choose to cash out to Paypal.

I personally started with this app first to help me get moving and more active, and am still doing so till date. This app alone has paid me a few hundreds in profits alone since I started which is a great extra income!

Click here to download Stepbet

4. Dietbet

Similar to Stepbet, this app actually pays you to lose weight!

If you’re having motivation problems losing weight, then this app will help you get straight for sure if you want to keep your money!

There’s two kinds of games, the Kickstarter and the Transformer.

Kickstarter games are typically 1 month and require you to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks. It’s a more drastic approach for people who want to put in extra effort to lose those extra weight.

Then there’s the Transformer games which are a lot longer, and require you to lose 10% of your weight over a period of 6 months.

How it works is that there’s an initial weigh in, and then a weigh out at the end of your challenges. As long as you lose enough weight, then you share the entire pot with the winners.

For the transformer challenges, you need to weigh out every month to get your earnings for the month. Once the challenge finishes, you’ll be given all back your bet plus your profits as well.

Personally, I used this app to help me lose quite a lot of weight over the last year. There are challenges to maintain your weight at where you are, in case you are already satisfied with your weight.

Click here to download Dietbet

5. Waybetter

The company behind stepbet and dietbet is called Waybetter, which is also the name of the app!

Similar to the other 2 apps, you’ll need to ‘invest’ a certain amount of money to complete tasks that are related to health and wellness.

It can be anything from eating better, walking, running, doing push ups, reading a book, and more.

I would say if you’re into improving your overall wellness, this is the app to help keep you accountable doing so while helping you earn some extra money doing so as well.

You’ll first need to get the membership in order to use this app, but there’s a 30 days free trial to ‘test’ the app out first

Click here to download Waybetter

6. Coin App

Here’s something if you’re into cryptocurrencies.

Coin app actually pays you to explore the world in their COIN currency. You can exchange this currency for the XYO token which is traded in many exchanges.

You basically get rewarded for just moving around, which is ideal if you’re someone who walk a lot or run a lot (or drive a lot)

The good thing about this app is that it is free to start, but you’ll want to get either of the following physical devices to increase your earnings.

It’s a small one-time investment, but increases your earnings. I recommend it if you’re serious about earning in this app.

There’s actually a monthly subscription also, but those are for the dedicated players only. Personally, I have used their memberships to drastically increase my earnings as well.

If you’re wondering what’s the value of the XYO token, it’s not a lot considering it’s still below 1 cent. When I first started at around early Jan 20, the token was dirt cheap as you can see in the graph below.

The token price dramatically increased, so I cashed out quite a good portion of money considering my investment costs.

This app is definitely for someone who is a little more tech savvy, as you’ll need to at least know the basics of cryptocurrencies and how to ‘cash out’ to a wallet and back to your bank account. If not, I recommend starting with some youtube videos if you’re unsure!

Click here to start with 1000 Coin extra with my referral


Who says working out has to be hard and boring? I personally made it fun and rewarding at the same time which kept me going for more than a year so far.


While it can be a hassle to set up everything, it’ll ultimately pay off. I’m not talking about the money, but the biggest goal of being healthier.

I personally lost a lot of weight, and got a lot healthier as a result of these apps. I think the proudest thing I would say is that I finally passed my IPPT after years of failing IPPT and going RT/IPT (That’s the mandated army fitness test if you don’t know!)

Hopefully these apps will give you the ‘push’ to finally start working out if you have been procrastinating all this while. Maybe you’ll be in time to finally hit one of your new year resolutions!

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