Want to get more out of your new iPhone 14? Here’s how.


Written by: Circles.Life

The iPhone can bedazzle us in so many ways. Not just the sleek design and royal feel, but also all the little innovations we don’t even know exist. 

We’ve peeked under the hood and uncovered some of the most ingenious tips and tricks for the iPhone 14 that you’d be proud of, Apple aficionado or not. 

What’s more, Circles.Life being the best telco for your iPhone 14 is not a tip, but a full-blown fact. Just like how we officially provide champion customer service in Singapore.

Flex those muscles even more

A lot of us imagine that with the new A16 Bionic chip, we’re looking at even faster gaming, surfing, streaming and whatever else. Apple says that A16 is 40% faster than the other chipsets in the market, but saves 20% more battery power than previous models.

That’s wow, but still just the tip of the 16-core, 17 trillion ops-per-sec neural engine. To get even more wow out of your new iPhone, the Siri AI assistant is now more intuitive, speedier, and more human-like. Maybe a little creepy for the last part, but you barely need to lift a pinkie now when it comes to daily tasks and more.

Don’t be shy, greet your new best friend with your most charming “Hey Siri”, and watch it work its magic. Because there’s seemingly nothing it can’t do. Forget about simply setting alarms, opening the camera or switching on the flashlight. There’re now translations, cinema listings, restaurant reservations and more.

It can even be your personal newscaster:

One Island but endless discoveries

The Dynamic Island is probably everyone’s favourite island now besides the one we’re living on. Rather than being a rigid cutout, who can resist the sexy curves as it morphs into different shapes and sizes based on the running app?

True, many still wish it could just sink completely beneath the screen. But while it’s here, why not appreciate and make full use of its two-in-one beauty?

For it allows you to view and interact with not one, but two different apps at the same time. You’d be blown away by the endless pairings the Dynamic Island supports.

Say you’re playing music while doing interval workouts. The cute little pill splits into two bubbles, song display on one and timer info on the other. You can still run a different app on your main screen, like following a workout on Youtube. So yeah, make that three-in-one multitasking instead.

This is not limited to what’s preloaded in your phone. Dynamic Island lets you stay on top of Live Activities too, which is a new feature that shows updates of things happening in real-time, like sports scores, food delivery and ride-hailing.

Hence, instead of sweating to your favourite songs, you can check out the latest score of your beloved sports team to get your adrenaline pumping even more. Or count down to the arrival of that yummy post-workout recovery smoothie.

Enough from us. Let this GIF do the talking:

Even more photo magic

There was a time when we had to depend on specialised photo editors to remove the background in our shots. Maybe it wasn’t to our liking, or we preferred to focus on the object.

Well, from now on, look no further than the iPhone 14 to do this. Of all its bells and whistles, this is one true hidden gem.

In fact, Apple looks like a master craftsman. Because you only need to tap and hold on an object in a photo to remove it from the background, and drag and drop it onto another app like iMessage.

Here’s how this trick works:


There’re a ton of other tricks for the iPhone 14 that one article cannot do justice to. 

If you find yourself wondering whether it’s worth it when daily living is getting more expensive, yes an iPhone is a luxury. But we say it’s an essential luxury, a pocket-sized brilliance that takes care of your every need and want. 

Similarly, Circles.Life is an essential, where you can luxuriate in no-contract freedom, 99% network coverage, and again, the #1 customer experience in Singapore. 

Get more out of your iPhone 14, and life, with Circles.Life. 





Published 2022-09-23

Written by Circles.Life


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