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Written by: Zyane Tan

Last updated: 22 November 2023

Ah, 5G – the talk of the town! From rapid downloads to ultra-smooth streaming, 5G is reshaping how we interact with the digital world. If you're eager to leave the 4G lag behind and embrace the ultra-fast speeds from a 5G network, you're in the right place. Explore the world of 5G and its benefits, and compare the best 5G plans in Singapore.

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What is 5G and what are its benefits?

5G stands for fifth-generation mobile network – the newest global wireless standard that brings blazing speeds up to 10 times faster than its predecessor, 4G. Beyond speed, 5G also promises a whole new level of efficiency, connectivity, and an all-round turbocharged internet experience.

Let’s take a look at what 5G truly brings to the table:

• Faster speeds: Downloading an entire HD movie in seconds or streaming ultra-HD content instantaneously is no longer a dream. What’s more, 5G also facilitates experiences that were previously unimaginable, such as smoother augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

• Improved connectivity: Remember those choppy video calls or moments when your game lagged at a critical moment? With 5G's enhanced connectivity, you can now enjoy crystal-clear video chats and uninterrupted gaming sessions on the go.

• Increased bandwidth: As our homes and lives become smarter and more connected, we now use more devices simultaneously. 5G's enhanced bandwidth means having multiple devices online, from smartphones to smart fridges, without compromising speed or efficiency.

• Low latency: 5G is not just about speed but also responsiveness. Whether you're controlling smart devices remotely or playing an intense online game, 5G’s lower latency ensures there's virtually no lag between your command and the desired action.

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How to choose the right 5G provider and plan

Now that you’ve grasped the perks of 5G, it's time to find the perfect provider and plan. Here's a detailed breakdown to help guide your decision:

• Coverage: The last thing you want is spotty coverage. Ensure that your chosen provider has broad 5G coverage indoors and outdoors, especially in areas you frequent, like home, work, or your favourite hangout spots. For instance, Circles.Life has 95% 5G coverage islandwide, ensuring you remain connected, irrespective of where you are in Singapore.

• Speed: While 5G is synonymous with speed, there are variances. Research provider speeds, read customer reviews, and maybe even take a plan for a test drive to make sure that you get the blazing-fast experience you're paying for.

• Cost: Dig deeper into the fine print beyond the advertised monthly fee. Are there hidden costs? Cancellation charges? Remember, the cheapest plan might not always offer the best value, so always balance cost with your actual needs.

• Add-ons: A 5G plan doesn't exist in isolation. Are there other perks on the table that can enhance the value of your plan? It could be extra data, roaming allowance, or even promo perks like free movie tickets.

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Top 5G plans and providers in Singapore

From pocket-friendly prices to unbeatable network coverage, a wide array of 5G plans are available in Singapore to suit different needs. So, do your homework and choose the one that ticks all your boxes.

Here are some of the most popular 5G offerings in Singapore:


200 GB 5G Sim-only

Price: $18.17* per month


• Free 5G for 2 months (Price reverts to $25.17 after)
• Exclusive: $10 Golden Village tickets**
• 300 minutes outgoing + unlimited incoming calls

300 GB 5G Sim-only

Price: $30.36* per month


• Up to 1TB rollover^ on 5G speeds, unlimited throttled thereafter
• Unlimited incoming & outgoing calls
• Exclusive: $10 Golden Village tickets**
• Price reverts to $38.36 after 3 months

*Price shown is for number transfer only, new number at +$10.09/mo.
**Limited to 4 tickets per month per Circles.Life x Golden Village plan subscriber.
^Unlimited data add-on: +280GB to start, rollover unused data up to 1TB at 5G speed.

5G Local Data (SG) Add-On

Special price: $7/mo (Usual Price: $10/mo)

Note: Available for subscription on selected plans only.


5G Plus 110GB

Price: $19.95/mo (U.P. $24.95/mth)


• 110GB data, unlimited data at throttled speeds thereafter
• 1,200 minutes outgoing calls and 1,200 SMS
• Free 1GB data roaming per month in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand for the first 6 months

5G Ultimate

Price: $24.95/mo for first 6 months, (Price reverts to $29.95 after)


• 7GB/day at 5G speed (total 210GB/mo), unlimited data at throttled speeds thereafter
• 1,500 minutes outgoing calls and 1,500 SMS
• Free 1GB data roaming per month in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand for the first 6 months


200GB 5G (Reverts to 100GB after 6 months)

Price: $25.23/mo


• 100GB data + 100GB bonus data for the first 6 months
• 1,000 minutes outgoing calls and SMS
• Free 1GB data roaming to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand


5G Pack (Monthly add-on)

Price: $10.10/mo

*Valid for use till your next renewal date. Non-recurring subscription.

Note: Information provided in this comparison is accurate at the time of writing (27 October 2023).

Our take

When comparing the best 5G plans in Singapore, Circles.Life's 300GB 5G Sim-only plan clearly stands out. At just $30.36 per month, it offers a whopping 1TB data rollover, ensuring no data is wasted. In addition, you receive unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, plus the exclusive perk of 4x $10 Golden Village tickets monthly to enjoy quality time offline.

Comparatively, MyRepublic's 5G Ultimate plan might seem tempting, but you're restricted to using 7GB daily to fully benefit from their offer, limiting your flexibility. If you want to save data for binge-watching or heavy usage days, this plan isn't for you. GOMO initially draws you in with 200GB, but after a short six months, it reverts to 100GB. For those who love streaming and gaming on the move, this is a significant drop. As for GIGA, the provider only offers 5G network access as a monthly add-on. This add-on subscription also requires a monthly renewal on their app, which can be tedious, especially for those who prefer an activate-and-forget setup.

Circles.Life, on the other hand, consistently offers the most competitive pricing, incredible perks, and the added advantage of no contracts. Moreover, we're the sole provider offering 1TB 5G data rollover in Singapore, all on our award-winning 5G network. Plus, you'll be automatically enrolled in our Circle of Joy loyalty program, rewarding you with daily points that can be traded for cool tech, bill waivers, and more! So our 5G plan is a clear choice for those seeking exceptional value, convenience, and performance.

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Are you ready for 5G?

Not all devices are 5G-ready. So, before making the switch, ensure your device can support the 5G network. Check out the list of 5G-compatible devices here.

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Bottom line

The digital future is here, and 5G is leading the charge in Singapore. While making a choice with so many plans and providers available in the market can be seemingly challenging, remember it's all about finding a 5G plan that’s best suited to your needs.

And hey, with Circles.Life's award-winning 5G, transparent pricing, massive data, and broad coverage, you might just have found your match!

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Published 2023-10-30

Written by Zyane Tan


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