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Clubhouse Beta is Finally Available on Android Phones: Here’s What You Can Expect

2nd July 2021

Clubhouse is the new in-thing today, thanks in part to celebs like Elon Musk and Bill Gates jumping on board. The insane hype around the app hints that it’s more than a passing trend – it’s making a strong case to become the next social media staple. 

The good news is that access to the Clubhouse beta is finally rolling out to Android phones after it’s initial launch on Apple iOS. You’ll need an invite from an existing user, but they plan to make the app more widely available by the end of the year. 

Clubhouse: The new social app taking the world by storm

Clubhouse is an app for joining or listening to casual conversations with people anywhere in the world. It’s full of virtual rooms where people talk about anything and everything. There are a few things that make Clubhouse unique. Firstly, it’s audio-only. That means no typing or worrying about what you’re wearing. Secondly, users can’t just start babbling away in any room – you simply listen in or request to speak.

This relatively simple set of rules has made all sorts of things possible on Clubhouse. You can find yourself having a meaningful conversation with a complete stranger on the other side of the world, or you can join a larger room and just listen to other people talk about interesting things. Quizzes, film clubs, debates, mentorship, comedy, finance – you’ll find just about everything in this hybrid of talkback radio, social media and group calls. Celebs and thought leaders are flocking to Clubhouse, so it’s a great chance to learn a thing or two from interesting people. Who knows, you may even get the chance to talk to a star guest yourself! 

How to get started

Clubhouse is in beta on Android mobiles. For now, the only way to join is to be invited by an existing user or be approved from the waitlist. Users get a limited number of invites to send to other people, so you’ll need to bug your mates to slip you one of theirs. If they’re being stingy or you don’t know any current users, you can download the Clubhouse Android app now, reserve a username and join the waitlist or be notified when it becomes widely available (iOS users can download Clubhouse on the App Store). 

Clubhouse etiquette 101

Clubhouse feels pretty intuitive, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the hang of how things work. Still, it helps to know the basic etiquette that’s expected of users – much like the unspoken rules of Instagram, Facebook or Reddit. They aren’t official rules, but you should always keep them in mind whether you’re speaking or listening.

    1. Share the spotlight: If you get the chance to speak with someone (or a group of people!) remember to keep it conversational and give them plenty of opportunities to share their thoughts. 
    2. Embrace diversity: The diversity of Clubhouse is what makes it so amazing. Whether you’re hosting a talk, choosing a listener or considering new topics, getting contributions from a diverse group of people is a great way to enrich the discussion.  
    3. Relax: Some people get the chance to speak with famous users, but it gets awkward if they start obsessing a little too much. Keep it casual and treat them as an equal – you’ll both enjoy it more!  
  • Be nice: Disagreeing on something isn’t just fine, it’s actually a great way to get into interesting conversations. But always respect fellow users and welcome newbies with open arms!

Following people and topics

Once you get going with Clubhouse, you’ll be able to follow people and topics that interest you. You’ll be given a bunch of suggestions to start off with, and you can expand and curate what you follow as time goes on. A cool feature they’ve added is the ability to donate to users you like, giving them an incentive to keep coming through with the goods. You can even try your own hand as a speaker: the more you connect and stay active on the app, the more opportunities you’ll get to make your voice heard. Most rooms have a limit of 5000 people, so get in early next time Elon Musk makes an appearance – it’ll fill up fast!

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