Your 5-day Japan itinerary to step up your social media content


Written by: Circles.Life

Travel photos and videos have their own magnetic touch, stopping your friends and followers right in their tracks halfway through their social media feed.

With Japan’s borders opening up this year, the country is often at the top of many travellers’ must-visits in 2023, and for good reason. Here are 5 highlights that would jazz up your socials in no time. Bookmark this for future reference, and remember to get your Jetpac for easy roaming before you travel!

Day 1 - Ueno Park, Tokyo

Few things can get you into a cheerier mood than Japan’s cherry blossoms, which is why we start off at Ueno Park.

Located at the heart of the Ueno area in Tokyo’s downtown, the main sakura boulevard is famous across Japan (meaning the world as well). Words can’t really do justice to the over 800 Somei-yoshino sakura trees in full bloom, and the spectacle continues even after sunset - thousands of lanterns are lit at night during the park’s official sakura matsuri (cherry blossom festival, late March to early April).

Equally breathtaking are the surrounding historical and cultural landmarks.. Ueno Park is home to famous Japanese intricacies in architecture and craftsmanship. Historic museums, temples and shrines are a must-see, including the Tokyo National Museum, Japan’s oldest, and the Toshogu Shrine, a national cultural property.

Day 2 - Isseido Shoten bookstore, Tokyo

After the panoramas and wide-angles in Ueno Park, head on to…..a bookstore?

Yes, the Isseido Shoten bookstore in Chiyoda-ku looks like any other bookworm haven on the outside. Step inside, however, and you find yourself in a Harry Potter-esque world of VERY rare and antique books, maps, scrolls, manuscripts and more from Japan and around the world.

We guarantee even the non-bookish you will happily snap away and soak in the sheer history and breadth of this 120-year-old treasure trove that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Its clientele includes major universities and libraries from Japan, Europe and USA.

If in luck, you can even catch a selfie with Japanese celebrities who are regular visitors too. Or simply strike a sophisticated studious pose for your followers alongside the rows of collector’s items.

Day 3 - Kanazawa

Revisiting history through books is one thing, reliving it in the flesh quite another. We are talking about Kanazawa, the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture that’s only a 2.5-hour Shinkansen ride from Tokyo.

Kanazawa is a perfect complement to modern, gleaming Tokyo and other major cities. Here you will find well-preserved streets and houses dating back to the Edo period, particularly in the geisha and samurai districts.

Day 4 - Arashiyama Kimono Forest, Kyoto

Fancy more Insta-worthy costume shots? Or simply cannot get enough of those dainty floral prints? Then you can’t go wrong with the Arashiyama Kimono Forest in Kyoto, another 2 hours or so from Tokyo by bullet train. 

While in Kyoto take advantage to spend a night in a traditional Japanese Ryokan to embrace the local culture.

As the name implies, there’s a mini galaxy of kimonos here, blended into the scenic surroundings of Randen tram station on the Keifuku Arashiyama line. Walk up to this station and find yourself flanked and surrounded by over 600 pillars wrapped in kimono textiles of various designs. These days, there are even aloha-inspired patterns! 

Like in Ueno Park, hang around till dusk and you get to appreciate another equally dazzling side of these pillars, with LED lights giving the whole place a multihued, retro glow.

How I wish this could be my walk-in wardrobe, we hear you say?

Day 5 - Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto

Yes, we know, 5 days is never enough for the splendid sights and sounds of a place like Japan. But if your boss is summoning you back to the office already, then the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove would complete the wow factor in your socials very nicely without further travelling. 

This is one of Kyoto’s top photography and tourist sights and it’s impossible not to see why. With a seemingly endless expanse of bamboo stalks stretching skywards, the whole place has the air of some mythical elfish land (Lord of the Rings fans would know what we mean). 

For a while, the real world melts away as you crane your neck and marvel at the serene might of this oasis. 

Well, serenity at least before selfie sticks threaten to outnumber the bamboo stalks. To avoid the crowd, try to come in the early morning.


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Published 2022-12-07

Written by Circles.Life


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