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2022 Chinese New Year Celebrations are not complete without these 

28th January 2022

Bring out the snacks and decorations for Chinese New Year 2022! And even though everyone in Singapore has their own way of celebrating, we thought we’d compile a list of things that just make Chinese New Year what it is today.

1. Video calls with your loved ones

Maybe you have family overseas or you just feel that it’s best to stay in this year. Either way, video calls have pretty much become tradition at this point. You probably remember the family huddling over the phone to hear the latest gossip from your kaypoh aunty.


And if you happen to be on the Feelin’ 22 Plan, you’ll be getting 22GB worth of data every month. Not enough for you? Well, you can upgrade and scoop up a maximum of 300GB with the Keep Rolling Plan. It’ll probably be a while before you run out of data. But even if you prefer good-fashioned phone calls, both plans come with 100 minutes talktime. That means you can spend an entire movie runtime talking to grandma over some Chinese New Year snacks and whatnot. 

2. Everyone coming together for a family photo

If you’re lucky to have a huge family, you likely remember having to gather your entire family for the big family photo. It’s almost a magical moment having each member of your family in one room, and it really captures the spirit of how Chinese New Year brings Singaporeans together. 

With a family that big, you’d probably want a camera that captures every smile and wrinkle. Memories like these don’t come often after all. The good news is you don’t need a full-on Canon or Nikon. Instead, our mobile plans come packed with smartphones that will meet your photographic needs. And when it comes to pocket-sized pixel-perfect photos, nothing beats the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max (or at least, as of now) 😎


3. The new year’s resolutions leading up to Chinese New Year

A new year means new resolutions — whether it’s getting on a proper skincare routine or finally hitting the gym. 💪 And if everything went according to plan, you’re probably already enjoying the better 2022 version of yourself (and just in time for Chinese New Year)!

But even if you’ve given up on your resolutions, we still got something for you to look forward to. We’re talking themed community activities and prizes like anniversary parties, free ice cream, and even merch giveaways. Besides that, Circles.Lifers also get to enjoy rewards all year round, such as AIG-free COVID vaccine insurance and free 3-Month Tidal access. Consider it as our way of kicking off 2022


4. Sharing the little moments with family and friends

And speaking of activities, think about all the times you spent with your family. Maybe it’s helping mum with the cooking or a round of cards while peeling oranges. 🍊

Nothing says Singaporean Chinese New Year celebration like quality time with your loved ones. 

But if you really want to spice up your family gatherings, you can also share your Circles.Lifer rewards with your fam bam. How does a pottery class with your parents sound? 


Not your thing? Then maybe you and your cousin can tag along to one of our community meetups. It’s always a great time when you can make plans with Circles.Life

5. Being present with the people you love

Chinese New Year is a time for new beginnings, but it’s also a reminder that you’re part of something bigger. And Circles.Life might not be the family you’re born with, but we can be the family you choose. 

We understand the importance of community and that you’re #morethananumber. That’s why all our plans are made to be shared. We’ve got everything from Data Only to Family Plans, which not only keeps you connected to the people you love, but ensures that all of you are getting the best deals. Chinese New Year is just a little more fun knowing that you can share more than just the snacks.

We at Circles.Life hope you have a great 2022 Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai. 😸🎉


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