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Written by: Circles.Life

In Singapore, going big on freedom and convenience but small on cost is what we do best at Circles.Life.

Ever wished that mantra extended beyond our shores? Dream no more.

Introducing Jetpac, our innovative travel program tailored for every traveller.

What is Jetpac?

Jetpac is our new travel plan that puts your data roaming on autopilot. No more sifting through confusing roaming packages or the dread of searching for local SIM cards upon landing.

With Jetpac, your data not only auto-renews monthly but accumulates with rollover benefits. Plus, travel rewards are waiting in the wings, from complimentary hotel stays to airport lounge access!

Here are 3 tiers of Jetpac you can check in to:

EXPLORER: $20/month

• 20GB for $20/ Mo
• Covers top 5 most popular Southeast Asia countries
• For eSIM devices only

BACKPACKER $12/month

• 5GB for $12/ MO
• Covers top 5 most popular Southeast Asia countries
• For eSIM devices only

JETSETTER: 20$/month

• 5GB for $20/ MO
• Covers top 15 most popular Asia Pacific countries
• For eSIM devices only


• 10GB for $35/ MO
• Covers top 50 most popular countries worldwide
• For eSIM devices only

Is Jetpac only for Circles.Lifers?

Absolutely not. Anyone with an eSIM-compatible device can join the Jetpac journey. You can stay with your existing telco or sign up for Jetpac as a standalone plan. No number transfers required.

Yet, remember, being part of the Circles.Life family means freedom without contracts, outstanding coverage, blazing 5G speeds, enticing rewards, and more. Curious? Hear it from our community!

How do I sign up for Jetpac?

Simply download the Circles.Life app, subscribe to Jetpac and your selected plan will start immediately once the purchase is complete.

Wait for your eSIM activation QR code to land in your email, scan it and you are ready for takeoff to your next dream holiday!

What countries and networks does Jetpac cover?

From the bustling streets of Japan to the scenic beauty of the Azores and Madeira, we've got you covered.

Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, Sweden, USA… name it, we have got it. As if that’s not enough, we even zero in our coverage to a country within a country to give you the best possible roaming experience (hint: somewhere within Italy).

For a detailed list of our expansive coverage in 50+ countries, click here.

How do the hotel credits and lounge access work?

We add $20 in travel credits to your Jetpac account every month, which are exchangeable for Expedia vouchers. Collect them over time and cash in for your dream hotel stay among Expedia’s vast 500,000+ hotel offerings in 140 countries.

Unexpected delay? Relax in style. With Jetpac, any flight delay over 60 minutes grants you and your party access to premium airport lounges, courtesy of Collinson Group’s network of 1,100+ lounges globally. Yes, this is a token of appreciation from us at Circles.Life.

How do I pay for Jetpac?

Manage payments seamlessly via our app. Update card details at will, and auto-payment kicks in every 30 days based on your Jetpac registration date.

For existing Circles.Life customers, Jetpac and other plans are billed separately.

What happens if I want to cancel?

We'd hate to bid farewell, but you can unsubscribe at any moment without penalties via our app. All benefits remain until your current billing cycle ends.

Changed your mind? Simply resume via the app to maintain your rollover data and credits. However, restarting after the billing cycle would forfeit the accumulated benefits.


Jetpac means something less to worry about on your travels and more time for the things that truly matter - savouring experiences and creating memories.

Why wait? Sign up for Jetpac - the best travel program in town now!





Published 2022-09-17

Written by Circles.Life


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