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In Singapore, going big on freedom and convenience but small on cost is what we at Circles.Life do best. 

How nice it would be if this extends beyond our sunny island too, right?

Well, it’s now not only nice, but totally possible.  

Here’s what Jetpac, our hot-off-the-oven travel program for all travellers, is all about. 

What is Jetpac?

Jetpac is our new travel plan that puts your data roaming on autopilot. Forget about toggling between confusing roaming plans every time before you fly or, horror of horrors, queueing up for physical SIMs at your destination. 

Not only does the data in Jetpac automatically renew monthly, it gets even meatier with rollover from the previous month. 

What’s more, you get to roam your way to free hotel stays and airport lounge access! 

Here are 3 tiers of Jetpac you can check in to: 

PRO PAC: $20/month

20GB* global roaming data, with rollover of up to 10GB

Collect and stack $20 in Expedia hotel credits monthly

Access to 1,100+ airport lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 6 travellers

*Only for first month, with 5GB thereafter

LITE PAC: $10/month

3GB global roaming data, with rollover of up to 6GB

Access to 1,100+ airport lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 2 travellers

INSURE PAC: 30$/month

7GB global roaming data, with rollover of up to 12GB

Collect and stack $20 in Expedia hotel credits monthly

Is Jetpac only for Circles.Lifers?

Absolutely not. Everyone can sign up for Jetpac, even if you are not an existing Circles.Life customer. An eSIM-compatible device is all that you need. 

You can stay with your existing telco and sign up for Jetpac as a standalone plan. No number transfer is needed. 

(Although joining the Circles.Life family means no-contract freedom, 99% coverage, 5G speeds, rewards and so much more. Don’t believe us? Just ask any Circles.Lifer!)  

How do I sign up for Jetpac?

Simply download the Circles.Life app, subscribe to Jetpac and your selected plan will start immediately once purchase is complete. 

Wait for your eSIM activation QR code to land in your email, scan it and you are ready for takeoff to your next dream holiday! 

What countries and networks does Jetpac cover?

Jetpack keeps you connected in places that matter to you, from the exciting, romantic to the exotic (Azores, Madeira anyone?). 

Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, Sweden, USA… name it, we have got it. As if that’s not enough, we even zero in our coverage to a country within a country to give you the best possible roaming experience (hint: somewhere within Italy). 

Make sure you hook up to our preferred network partners using our eSIM while overseas to enjoy this awesome coverage at even better rates. The list of 50+ countries and counting under Jetpac can be found here

How do the hotel credits and lounge access work?

We add $20 in travel credits to your Jetpac account every month, which are exchangeable for Expedia vouchers. Stack up these vouchers month on month to your heart’s content and when you are ready, redeem them for the hotel of your choice! 

And spoilt for choice we guarantee you will be, with Expedia’s selection of 500,000+ hotels in 140 countries. 

With Jetpac, now you can even get stranded overseas in style. Rather than crowd with everyone else in the stuffy terminal, you and your companions can put your legs up in the cushy confines of the airport lounge whenever your flight is delayed for more than 60 minutes. You are well-covered in this too, thanks to Collinson Group’s worldwide network of 1,100+ lounges. 

And yes, this is with compliments from us here at Circles.Life. 

How do I pay for Jetpac?

Via our nifty app, of course. Update your debit or credit card details anytime on the app and payment will take place in each 30-day billing cycle, which depends on your Jetpac sign-up date. 

For existing Circles.Life customers, you will be billed separately for Jetpac and your current monthly SIM-only/data plan on different billing cycles. 

What happens if I want to cancel?

Although we’d be sorry to see you go, there is no cost or penalty for cancelling your subscription anytime. Unsubscribe through the Circles.Life app and you can still enjoy all the benefits till the end of the billing cycle. 

If you change your mind halfway through, there is also an option to resume your subscription through the app with no impact on all the rollover data and credits. However, doing so only after the billing cycle would mean forfeiting the accumulated benefits. 


Jetpac means something less to worry about on your travels and more time for the things that truly matter - savouring experiences and creating memories. 

There’s simply no better travel program out there.

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