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Last updated: 3 April 2024

Key highlights

● Circles.Life's Borderless Plan offers a generous 100GB data allowance across Singapore and eight popular Asian countries, providing unmatched value and coverage.

● Some providers offer specific data roaming add-ons and plans tailored for varying travel needs, highlighting the importance of flexibility and customisation.

Stay connected across borders with Singapore's best data roaming plans

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, a reliable data roaming plan is no longer a luxury — it's a necessity.

In this article, we’ll compare some of the best data roaming plans available in Singapore, their features, price structure, coverage and more.

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What are data roaming plans?

Data roaming allows you to use your mobile device abroad by connecting to an overseas network while still being billed in your home country. It enables you to stay connected even when you're miles away from home.

Whether you're lounging on a beach in Bali, attending a business meeting in Tokyo, or exploring the streets of Taiwan, data roaming plans allow you to access the internet, make calls, and send messages without incurring exorbitant fees. Plus, skip the hassle of swapping local SIM cards at each destination.

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How to select the best data roaming plans for seamless connectivity

Looking to master data roaming? Here's your checklist to pick the best roaming data plans:

● Price: Check the roaming rates and any sneaky hidden costs. Ensure you're getting the most data for your dime. Also, watch for roaming voice call rates - who knows if you might have to call a fixed-line telephone overseas.

● Features: Beyond just data roaming, does the plan offer free international texts? Maybe discounted international calls?

● Coverage: You don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere without connectivity. Before travelling, check that your roaming plan covers all your destinations. If you're visiting multiple countries, verify that the plan offers seamless connectivity across each one.

● Reliability: Spotty network connections can be a bummer. Check if your data roaming provider has solid partnerships with international telcos to ensure stable and reliable data connectivity abroad.

● Quick activation: Look for providers that offer instant connection features like Circles.Life's Borderless Plan. Imagine receiving notifications on your phone even before your seat belts are off.

● Flexibility: Can you switch between local and roaming plans without drama? No one wants a long-term tie-up or penalty fees. Seek out plans that allow on-the-fly changes or data roaming add-ons based on where you're headed next.

● Customer support: If you encounter data issues in another timezone, having 24/7 support can be a lifesaver. Before deciding, make sure to check online reviews from other customers.

Learn to roam smarter with our Data Roaming 101 guide.

Top data roaming providers and plans in Singapore

For this comparison, we’ve curated a list of Singapore's best data roaming plans for Asian countries:

Circles.Life Borderless Plan

One plan for multiple countries. Highly recommended for digital nomads!

Price: $30/month

Data allowance: 100GB across Singapore and 8 popular Asian countries

Countries covered: Singapore, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Additional features:
• 300 Mins of Local (SG) Talktime
• Free Incoming Local and Roaming SMS
• Free Caller ID

For just $30 a month, Circles.Life’s multi-country Borderless Plan offers a whopping 100GB of data across Singapore and eight major Asian destinations. That's immense value right there. Not to mention, Borderless also includes the essentials, like free local talktime, SMS, and caller ID.

What sets the Borderless Plan apart is its user-friendly activate-once-and-forget feature. Once activated, you'll experience seamless connectivity without the hassle of toggling roaming functions or swapping SIM cards. Furthermore, its network block feature ensures you connect only to preferred networks, so you can roam worry-free without unexpected bills.

Borderless Plan - Now available in 5G!

If you're looking for faster speeds, you can now enjoy FREE 5G access on your Borderless Plan for the first 3 months with our limited-time promo (price reverts to $37/mo thereafter). 5G access is only available in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

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Circles.Life SIM-Only Plans

Circles.Life 4G/5G SIM-only plans now include FREE roaming data!*

So if you frequently travel to neighbouring countries for quick weekend getaways, such as Johor, and typically use less than 1GB to 2GB of roaming data, our SIM only plans could be perfect for you:

250GB (5G Special)

Price: $20/month

Data allowance:
• FREE 2GB Roaming Data forever (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau and Sri Lanka)
• 250GB local (SG) data

Additional features:
• 300 Mins of Local (SG) Talktime & Free Unlimited incoming calls
• Price reverts to $25/mo after 3 months
• Free Caller ID

150GB (4G Special)

Price: $15/month

Data allowance:
• FREE 1GB Roaming Data forever (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau and Sri Lanka)
• 150GB local (SG) data

Additional features:
• 300 Mins of Local (SG) Talktime & Free Unlimited incoming calls
• Price reverts to $17/mo after 3 months
• Free Caller ID

Note: *For select countries only. Free roaming data is not available for 20GB (4G) and Family plans

Explore Circles.Life SIM only plans now.


Roam Like Home - Essential (Add-on)

Price: 2GB for $18, or 500 MB for $6 (Valid for 30 days upon purchase)

Countries covered: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

For brief getaways, the MyRepublic data roaming add-on offers two pricing options: 2GB for $18 or a smaller 500MB package at $6. Both are valid for 30 days after purchase and cover six key Asian destinations.

But a heads-up: the cost per GB doesn't stack up well against average data usage rates. If you're a heavy user of apps like Google Maps, WhatsApp, or enjoy posting Instagram stories, you’re better off exploring other options.


SIM-Only 100GB

Price: $10 for 30 days

Data allowance: 100GB for Singapore, 1GB roaming data for Malaysia and up to 56 other destinations.

SIMBA data roaming is available on two attractive plans that cater to different needs. First, their SIM-Only 100GB plan, priced at $10, provides 1GB for international roaming across 57 destinations - ideal for short trips or light data usage. Let us take a look at the second option below.

SuperRoam 50GB (30D)

Price: $20 for 30 days

Data allowance: 130GB (Local), 50GB* (Roaming)

Additional features:
• Unlimited Mobile to Local Mobile
• Free SMS to SIMBA Lines
• 500 Local Fixed Line Minutes
• 300 IDD Mins
• 50 Local SMS

*50GB roaming comprises of 10GB roaming to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam and extra 40GB roaming to Malaysia.

SIMBA's SuperRoam 50GB for $20 offers a generous 130GB for local use and another 50GB for roaming. This plan stands out not just for its ample data, but also for its unlimited local mobile calls and 300 IDD minutes. However, it's important to remember that out of the 50GB roaming data, 40GB is dedicated solely to Malaysia.


Asia Pack - 15 Destinations

Price: 4GB for 15 days at $15, or 1GB for 5 days at $6

Countries covered: Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

This GOMO data roaming add-on is tailored for travellers who are keen on covering a broad geographic stretch. It boasts an impressive list of 15 countries and gives you the flexibility to choose between a 4GB for $15 (valid for 15 days) or 1GB for $6 (valid for 5 days) package. However, those requiring a larger data allowance or travelling longer than two weeks may want to consider another option.

Note: Information provided in this comparison is accurate at the time of writing (3 April 2024).

Things to consider before roaming

Like all things, data roaming plans come with considerations:

● Coverage gaps: Even the best data roaming plans might miss out on a few remote spots.
● Overages: Always monitor your usage to avoid unexpected extra data roaming charges.
● Activation delays: Rare, but some plans might need a bit of time post-landing. But you don’t have to worry about this with Circles.Life’s Borderless Plan - activate once and stay connected as long as you travel within the covered countries.
Local vs. roaming: A local SIM might sometimes be cheaper for extended stays.

Ready to Roam? Choose Circles.Life for the ultimate borderless experience and unparalleled data roaming solutions.

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The world's your oyster, especially with the right data roaming plan. Whether you're jet-setting for business, pleasure, or a bit of both, ensure you’re equipped with a plan that keeps pace.

If you're after consistent value, sheer data allowance and country coverage, Circles.Life's Borderless Plan certainly stands out. No surprises, just peace of mind knowing that you’ll always enjoy benefits, including seamless connectivity, transparent billing, and unbeatable customer service.

What’s more, you'll be automatically enrolled in our "Circle of Joy" loyalty program. Stick with us, and you'll keep accumulating points every day. Trade them in for cool tech, bill waivers, and other fun rewards!

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Published 2023-10-18

Written by Circles.Life


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