How to plan a trip the lazy way: The ultimate travel planning guide


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A vacation is wonderful and energising, though the planning and preparation can be anything but. While we can’t wait to clock the air miles and pound the steps, dragging our feet through the bookings, budgeting and packing can happen to the best of us at times.

Here are some quick and practical trip planning tips that would have you jetting off in no time.

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Where are you going?

Hopping on a random flight and unwrapping our blindfold to some exotic land is as romantic and spontaneous as they come. Sadly, unless we avail ourselves of a private jet, average folks like us need to figure out our travel destination beforehand.

With many international borders now open, chances are your socials have become a part-travelogue. Friends are slurping the hottest ramen in Tokyo, painting the town red in Bangkok and going all koala Down Under. They have done the homework and are sharing their experiences in real time.

Quite literally, your next destination may just be a few scrolls away.

What’s your itinerary?

Google is your best friend for most when it comes to planning a trip itinerary. But before you drown in page after page of recommendations, spend a few moments thinking about the type of itinerary you or your travel mates want.

Do you prefer a detailed plan that includes all the must-visits? Or should there be room for flexibility and spontaneity to get off the beaten path especially once you have gotten a feel of the place?

Sites like Wikitravel offer general tips and info on a destination. You can then check out travel guides for popular tourist spots and travel blogs for more uncommon stops.

For less travelling, look for adjacent places of interest as well.

How much do you want to spend?

Unless you really can afford a private jet, dollars and cents matter just as much as the trip experience.

What is your attitude towards money overseas? This can be different from how you handle your everyday finances - usually thrifty you may want to indulge a little more on that long-awaited getaway.

No matter what, it pays to compare prices for what are often the two largest expenses on a trip - flights and accommodation. Sites like Skyscanner and Kayak may come in handy, together with other prices like for car hire.

Besides these, travel sites and guidebooks can let you know how much to set aside for food, transport and sightseeing, together with boring stuff like insurance, visas and vaccination.

Tip #1: Check out review sites like TripAdvisor for more updated costs.

Tip #2: Use travel budgeting apps to plan and manage your trip expenses all in one place.

What goes into your luggage?

Travel packing list templates are a dime a dozen these days. What would really help is to start off with a base packing list of those “can’t live without” items. Put these at the top of your list to check off first, before filling up the nice-to-haves.

Needless to say, making enough time to pack will save you lots of sweat and tears before a trip. Instead of the night before, pack in increments a week or two in advance. You’d be surprised at how fast and easily things seem to come together.

Often, clothing is not only the biggest space monster in the luggage, but can literally leave us in a heap of frustration. Should I bring this shirt along? What about those pants?

Thinking in specific themes or palettes could help. For instance, warm, sunny tones like red and yellow would suit a fun, tropical getaway. This helps you to pick those wardrobe pieces that matter and cut down on unnecessary packing and repacking.

Lazy bum or not, pack early in an organised way to avoid bumps before and during a holiday.

And how to get even lazier?

Trip planning comes with a fair bit of manual prep. How nice it would be if we can put certain stuff on autopilot, so that no matter when or where our adventure goes, we know things would be in good hands without lifting a finger.

Like roaming data that renew and roll over every month across some of the most familiar and far-flung destinations you can think of.

Or VIP treatment in airport lounges if your flight is running late.

Not to mention travel protection from one of the most reputable insurers in the world.

These may sound like futuristic travel. But with Jetpac, our all-new travel plan, you can enjoy these benefits right in the here and now.

What’s more, earn and stack hotel credits month on month, even if you are not flying. Flight delays? No stress. Head straight to the lounge access, which you’re getting. For. free.

Who says being lazy can’t be rewarding?


Like they say, planning for a trip is already half the fun. Make Jetpac an essential part of your packing list which, unlike other items, does not need repacking before every trip.

Whether you are a Circles.Lifer or not, Jetpac indulges the lazy (and smart!) traveller in you.

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