“Can someone unf*ck 2020 and turn it back on again, please?”

“Can someone unf*ck 2020 and turn it back on again, please?”

We can’t make it better, but we can help you give the bird to 2020

You’ve got a voice – use it. We’ll help you take the power back because at the end of the day, we’re all about connecting people (usually with data, but now with a bird too).

Our bird made its way around Sydney. Check out the pictures:

Where should we put the bird next?

Thats for your votes! Of course it’s Telstra. And we actually did it:

Book the Bird

We’re a telco that usually helps give you a voice in the digital world with our data, but this time we’re armed with a finger too. Know someone who deserves the bird? Want to send it just for LOLs? It’s your lucky day. Book the bird and it might make its way to your lucky recipient.


Submit your details below and we’ll be in touch to arrange the bird’s visit to your requested location. We foresee the bird’s schedule to be quite packed, so we’ll let you know if we’re able to slot you in.


*Only available to addresses within the Sydney Metro area.

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Not into big birds and just want in on the data?

We can help with that. Check out our 100GB for $28 plan that’s got enough data for you to make your voice heard all over the internet (without breaking the bank – we don’t need another 2020 tragedy).