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For every friend you refer, you will get a 10 x $10 discount on your mobile plans

Referred 10 friends? You’ll practically get enough bill credits to cover the base cost of your plan for almost 2 years! Talk about friends with benefits.


10 x $10 bill credit for every friend referred who activates their SIM card

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3 x $10 bill credit

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​All for use in AU. Referral T&Cs apply.

Start referring in 3 steps

Get your referral code from your
Circles.Life App > Referrals.

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friends to sign up.

Once your friend successfully redeems your referral code and activates their SIM card, you’ll both be getting those referral bonuses.

Get referral codeReferral T&Cs apply.
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If you’re a Circles.Life user:

Go to the Circles.Life app > Referrals to get your unique referral code so you can start referring!

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Check out our plans.
Sign up for a plan, activate your SIM card and start referring!

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