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Had Enough of Spotty Wi-Fi? 5 Solutions to Keep You Connected

27th August 2021

We have an unofficial pearl of wisdom that floats around our office. Sit someone alone in a room with a dodgy Wi-Fi connection and you’ll see their true form emerge. Our money is on raging lunatics, probably because that’s what we turn into any time we see the dreaded “Searching for Wi-Fi” symbol.

It’s a problem that drives the most relaxed person insane, especially now so many people work from home in Singapore. It’s tempting to pace back and forth, shake your fists at the sky or just curl up in a ball and cry, but here are five practical things you can do instead to solve your Wi-Fi issues.

What to do when your Wi-Fi goes down

1. Check your other devices 


Before you start smashing things into pieces, you need to make sure your home broadband really is the problem. Try connecting on your laptop, phone, or any other device you have lying around and see if they have the same issues. If not, your first device is probably to blame and not the Wi-Fi

2. See if there’s a major outage

Maybe the universe isn’t just against you today, but also the entire neighborhood. Switch to data on your phone and do a quick Google search to see if your provider or geographical area is experiencing any outages. If so, the good news is there are probably technicians scrambling to get it fixed. The bad news? There’s nothing you can do to fix the Wi-Fi except report the outage and pray it’s repaired soon. 

3. Restart your router and check the cables

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” might be a tech support cliché, but it’s still a foolproof method of troubleshooting spotty Wi-Fi when you work from home. Switch off your router, unplug the power cable and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in and restarting. While you wait, check that the internet cable is securely connected to the router and the wall socket.   

4. Keep your router in the open and use a Wi-Fi extender

If you get a great Wi-Fi connection next to the router but struggle to stay online in other rooms, you probably have some dead zones in your home. Wi-Fi signals can struggle to make their way through certain walls and materials, especially if it’s not in a central spot. Keep your router out in the open with minimal obstructions and consider buying a Wi-Fi extender to help push the signal into those hard-to-reach areas. 

5. Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

One of the best ways to get around an intermittent Wi-Fi connection is to sidestep it completely. Mobile data speeds can be more reliable than home broadband in parts of Singapore, especially if you share your Wi-Fi with your housemates or family members. Hotspotting your phone gets you back online right then and there, so you don’t need to waste time troubleshooting Wi-Fi until later. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for major outages that take a while to sort out.  

Cure your Wi-Fi woes with the best unlimited data plan in Singapore

100GB data with no lock-in contract is just the beginning of the Circles.Life Unlimited Data Plan. Our SIMs rocket along on a superfast 4G network with >99% coverage from Jurong to Changi, while our proprietary Circles-X tech lets us catch problems 10x faster than traditional technicians and keep the network running smoothly. 

If all that wasn’t enough, we’ve thrown in 4G Data Rollover to the Unlimited Data Plan at no extra cost to make sure nothing goes to waste. Any leftover data at the end of the month gets rolled over to the next month for up to 300GB of blissful peace of mind.

We reckon it’s the least we can do as the telco you can rely on when the Wi-Fi lets you down. 😉

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