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Welcome to a new way of choosing your mobile plan – where innovation meets personal lifestyle choices!

At Circles.Life, we're all about making things simple and personal for you. That's why we've created a game-changing plan selector to help you find a SIM-only plan that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, ensuring you never pay for more than what you need.

Find your perfect match within seconds. Try the Circles.Life Plan Selector now!

How it Works: The Circles.Life Plan Selector

Whether you're a frequent traveller, a tech enthusiast, or someone with a specific lifestyle, our plan selector is designed to match plans to your life’s rhythm.

To get started, simply visit our plan selector page and choose three lifestyles that resonate with your daily activities from our diverse list of nine:

• The Travel Enthusiast: For those who are always on the go, we recommend plans with extensive roaming options and global coverage, ensuring you stay connected no matter where your adventures take you. Alternatively, you can skip ahead and check out our Borderless plan.

• The Tech Savvy Guru: If you're all about gadgets and staying ahead with tech trends, you'll need a plan that can keep pace. Expect suggestions with high data allowances, unlimited data rollover and advanced features for super-fast, always-on connectivity. Learn more about how 5G is transforming the way we connect and communicate.

• The Social Media Haven: If your day isn't complete without checking social media, our plan selector will suggest plans that ensure you're always up-to-date and ready to share every moment.

• The Traditional Communicator: If you prefer the basics of calls and texts, we've got you covered with straightforward plans focused on reliability and simplicity, without any unnecessary extras.

• The Gamer: For gaming enthusiasts, we guide you to plans offering ample data, ultra-low latency, and lightning-fast 5G capabilities, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience.

• The Student: Seeking a high-quality yet budget-friendly option? We help in finding plans that provide seamless connectivity, in and out of class, enabling you to concentrate on your studies without stressing over your phone bill.

• The Family Planner: Family life can be hectic, but staying connected shouldn't be. Simplify your life with our family plan that allows you to manage up to six accounts on one bill, offering shared data and customisable features to suit every family member.

• The Eco-Warrior: Into saving the planet? Opt for an eSIM and reduce plastic waste. Proudly available on all Circles.Life plans.

• The Working Professional: Constantly balancing work commitments on the go? We help you find a plan that works as hard as you do, offering seamless connectivity to ensure you're always prepared for any work call or email.

Discover the difference of a truly personalised mobile experience with our plan selector.

Why Choose Circles.Life?

At Circles.Life, we’re constantly pushing boundaries and customising our services to meet your exact needs, ensuring that you have access to the latest in telecom technology.

Beyond our plan selector, we offer other nifty tools like our Data Usage Calculator, helping you accurately gauge your data needs. And for those looking for the latest in mobile technology, explore our eSIM options and award-winning 5G network to experience the future of mobile connectivity.

So, are you ready to find your perfect mobile plan? With Circles.Life and our user-friendly tools, the process is now easy and fun – no more confusing plan comparisons!

Head over to our plan selector and find a mobile plan that’s made just for you.





Published 2024-02-01

Written by Circles.Life


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