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If You Face These Challenges, A Multi-SIM Plan Is What You Need

2nd December 2021
Circles.Life | The Best Data-Only Plan in Singapore On A Multi-SIM Card

Looking to get the most out of your phone plan? You don’t have to search the whole of Singapore to find the cheapest mobile plan. Think a little differently. By that, we mean, think Multi-SIM.

In a Multi-SIM Plan, you get an extra data-only SIM card that you can plug into a second device. Of course, there are countless reasons to have both devices sharing the same phone plan

But these really drop the mic.


1. Slow and choppy public Wi-Fi?

Imagine this. You’re in Starbucks with your tablet waiting to meet a potential client. As you look through your presentation to check whether you’ve spelled your client’s name correctly, the Wi-Fi suddenly decides to go rogue on you.

Now you can’t connect to the cloud, which means you can’t pull up your presentation on your tablet. You could always use your phone. But with only 6.1 inches, your client would have to squint to see all the lovely charts you spent hours designing.

Having a Multi-SIM card means you don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi all the time, and any SIM-compatible device will get the same speedy internet access your phone does (which is really speedy if you have a Circles.Life plan). 

Pop a SIM to your work tablet, and you’ll stay connected, always.


2. Looking for a better work-life balance?

Having 2 phones can be a real life-changer if you’re trying to keep your personal life separate from your work – especially with bosses who don’t know you get off work by 6. The last thing you want to see upon reaching home is an email on the next deck you need to work on. And your boss will also agree that having your personal phone away keeps you focused at work.

With a Multi-SIM card, you can connect to a single phone plan across those 2 devices. And with hassle-free data sharing, you’ll get the same data benefits at work and at home. Easy. 💁🏻‍♀️


3. Children using too much data?

Children use data. And they use data a lot. 🙃 Whether it’s endlessly scrolling through TikTok or texting their friends, it’s amazing how many hours they spend each day with these devices.

If you want to limit the amount of YouTube videos your child watches, a Multi-SIM Plan is a great way to manage usage across all your devices. With the Circles.Life app, you can monitor the data used in real-time, giving you full control of your family’s data. Share with a child, or have 2 of your little ones on the same plan.


4. Having SIM troubles while you travel?   

A Multi-SIM Plan is also great if you’re travelling a lot due to work. Having a second device saves you the trouble of replacing your SIM for domestic use, which means you’re always connected with your loved ones. As a bonus, it also means you don’t have to carry around a Travel Wi-Fi router.

Introducing the Circles.Life Multi-SIM Plan


So if you’re convinced that a Multi-SIM card is what you need, we got just the plan for you. The Circles.Life Multi-SIM Plan is the best data-only plan in Singapore. Not only do you get one plan across 2 devices, but you also get the flexibility to change allowances and manage your data, ensuring that no data gets wasted. 

There are also add-ons that allow you to customize your plan to your liking. Why not sign up today and get your Multi-SIM card as early as tomorrow? 😉

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