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Last updated: 20 June 2024

5G is set to revolutionise the way we live and work, handling more connected devices with much faster speeds. Initially rolling out in the US, 5G is now expanding globally, promising huge potential.

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What is 5G and how does it work?

5G operates over radio frequencies, requiring updated radios and equipment on cell towers. Building 5G networks involves three main types of networks:

● Low-band: Wide coverage, but only 20% better than 4G.
● High-band: Super-fast speeds but limited range and penetration through hard surfaces.
● Mid-band: Balances speed and coverage, offering the best of both worlds.

To provide 5G access, carriers install numerous cell sites, often the size of a pizza box, on walls, towers, and light poles, typically in close proximity. This city-by-city deployment eventually aims to offer extensive coverage and fast speeds.

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What are the benefits of 5G?

The buzz around 5G is largely about speed. If you’ve ever waited for a video to load on your phone, you know the frustration of buffering and lag. With 5G, these issues are virtually eliminated, providing a faster, smoother connection.

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Connectivity in the home

5G supports more connected devices than previous networks.

One common issue with a 4G connection that you may have experienced is a stall in your Netflix connectivity when your kids or housemates are using the Xbox. 

This is because your internet puts out a set amount of power, and each device that is connected will drain some of this power. If you have too many devices connected at once, then they are all competing and something has to give. 

This leads to slow speeds, lag, or a lack of connectivity. The best way to avoid this is to upgrade your internet package so you can get more theoretical power from your router. 

If multiple devices at home cause your internet to lag, 5G can handle more connections without compromising speed. It works similarly to WiFi but on a much larger scale, ensuring stable and fast connectivity.

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Connectivity in public places

Imagine a crowded stadium where everyone is trying to connect to the network. 4G struggles under such pressure, but 5G can handle thousands of connections simultaneously, enabling seamless connectivity for both users and tech infrastructure like food vendor systems and live replays.

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How fast can you download with 5G?

The fastest 5G networks are expected to be around 10 times faster than 4G, with potential speeds eventually reaching 100 times faster. This means downloading a 2-hour movie could take as little as 10 seconds. 

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Published 2023-02-09

Written by Circles.Life


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