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How nice it would be if our travel preps can run on autopilot, right? Someone to book our flights and hotel rooms, pack our luggage, arrange our itinerary…..

Most of us would find such travel concierge service impractical or too expensive. But what if an important but often overlooked part of your travels CAN now magically take care of itself month after month?

We introduce Jetpac, Circles.Life’s all-new travel essential that’s always humming in the background once turned on.

What is Jetpac?

Jetpac is like that backpack with everything you need for your trip - connectivity, freedom and cost.

It’s our latest monthly travel plan powering your data needs right from your phone at unbeatable prices. Say bye bye to those pesky local physical SIMs and even roaming as we know it. All you have to do is activate an eSIM in your device and roam anytime, anywhere as you jet from one exotic land to another.

Jetpac is your faithful roaming companion for literally all seasons at a fixed rate. No matter which month of the year, forget the hassle of comparing roaming plans or rates which can be as fickle as the weather.

Oh wait, did we mention rewards and perks like monthly Expedia vouchers, airport lounge access and data rollover too?

Let’s unpack Jetpac

But first, let’s go into the deets of what Jetpac is about. We know every traveler is different and that’s why even for such an awesome deal, there are 3 levels of awesome-ness to choose from.

20GB* global roaming data, with rollover of up to 10GB
Collect and stack $20 in Expedia hotel credits monthly
Access to 1,100+ airport lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 6 travellers
*Only for first month, with 5GB thereafter

3GB global roaming data, with rollover of up to 6GB
Access to 1,100+ airport lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 2 travellers

7GB global roaming data, with rollover of up to 12GB
Collect and stack $20 in Expedia hotel credits monthly
Access to 1,100+ airport lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 6 travellers
Up to $50,000 cover by AIG + 10% off AIG’s Travel Guard Direct(Available for pre-order)

Need Convincing?

If you need even more convincing, here are some winning reasons why you should activate Jetpac before your next big (or small) trip. 

1. $1 per GB of roaming data - Too good to be true? Nah, it’s just what you get with the best telco in town. Carry over any excess data to the next month - Upsize your surfing, streaming and whatever! 

2. $20 of travel credits added to your account every month, exchangeable for Expedia vouchers - Seriously, which telco lets you choose from 500,000+ hotels in 140 countries and even partly sponsors your stay? 

3. Free airport lounge access for flight delay of more than 60 minutes - Even if you can’t get home on time, you’ll still be zen at the airport lounge, with access for up to 6 travel companions. 

4. Coverage of 50+ countries and counting - Roaming that extends as long as your ever-growing bucket list, from the rustic charm of our Asian neighbours to the romance of faraway Europe. 

Who’s Jetpac for?

Everybody! Whether you’re a Circles.Lifer or not, we don’t believe in limiting such a travel must-have from anyone.

You can still stay with your existing telco but with a separate Jetpac subscription. No number transfer and better still, no contract. Change your mind anytime.

How do I sign up for Jetpac?

First things first, make sure your device is eSIM-compatible. Subscribe to Jetpac via the Circles.Life app. Your subscription is active immediately once purchase is complete. 

Next you will receive an eSIM activation QR code via email. Simply scan the QR code and you’re jet, set and ready for your next adventure. 

The Circles.Life app is also a nifty tool to manage your Jetpac subscription like roaming data balance and lounge access redemptions. 

How do I pay for Jetpac?

You can pay with any debit or credit card which can be updated anytime on the Circles.Life app.

Each billing cycle is 30 days.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

We don’t lock you down in any way, but we’d be sorry to see you go.

There’s no cost or penalty for cancelling anytime and you get to enjoy the full benefits of Jetpac until the end of the subscription cycle. However, if you choose to join the club again, your rollover data and credits from your previous subscription will not be included.


Who doesn’t want to travel worry-free? With Jetpac, you can now do all these and more. Take off to travel freedom now!





Published 2022-11-22

Written by Circles.Life




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