7 side hustles you can start in Singapore with just your mobile phone


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A growing number of people in Singapore are taking up a side hustle to earn some extra cash on the side, and technology is making it easier than ever. Whether you want to chip away at debt, save up for a vacay or start building up your rainy-day fund, there are a bunch of ways you can make some dough and score sweet rewards with nothing but a mobile phone.

Before you ask, this isn’t one of those dodgy “If you give me 35 seconds” YouTube ads for a get-rich-quick scheme that promises to make you a millionaire overnight. These platforms are legitimate ways to earn perks and make some extra money, ranging from modest, low-effort tasks that are great for pocket change to more lucrative gigs that take a bit of extra dedication. You’re already winning by teaming up with the best telco in Singapore – why not start a side hustle from your mobile phone and get even more bang for your buck?

Get paid to cuddle other people’s pets

Pawshake isn’t just a great side hustle: it might literally be the best job in the world. A bit like Airbnb for pets, Pawshake lets you offer your services as a pet sitter for dogs and other pets around Singapore. You can also sign up for dog walking, home visits and house sitting. Pretty awesome, right?

Rent out your gear on Fat Llama

If you have spare cameras, drones, bicycles, electronics, instruments or even a motorhome lying around, there’s no use letting them gather dust. Fat Llama lets you list just about anything for rent, giving you an easy way to turn spare gear into some extra cash. Just don’t ask us where the name comes from – we can’t help you there!

Feed hungry people with Grab or Deliveroo

Food delivery has become one of the most popular side hustles in Singapore, with brands like Deliveroo and Grabfood making it easy to sign up online and start making money on the road through the mobile phone app. If you’re not keen on delivering food, you could opt for ride-sharing instead and just help people get from A to B.

Take surveys during your idle time

Some people just want to know what you think and that’s basically the idea behind Surveys On The Go. The app works with market research companies to bring you surveys and product reviews, which you’ll get paid to complete. Don’t expect to get rich, but it’s a super quick and easy way to score a few dollars on the side when you have some down time.

Show off your skills on Airtasker

Airtasker is the go-to platform for people who just need stuff done – whether it’s handyman work, photography, removals, painting, pet care, tutoring, cleaning, car repairs, accounting and everything in between. If you have a skill to offer, sign up and start landing jobs!

List your car on ‘Drive lah’

Much like Fat Llama, ‘Drive lah’ is all about making the most of what you don’t use. Instead of leaving your car parked and idle for days or even weeks at a time, list it for rent on ‘Drive lah’ and earn some sweet, sweet moolah in the process.

Earn rewards for searching the web and watching videos

Swagbucks is a little like Surveys On The Go but with more ways to earn rewards. They use a points system where you earn Swagbucks for watching videos, shopping online, playing games and even searching the web, with each Swagbuck worth a specific amount in actual currency. It’s a bit different from the other side hustles listed here, but it’s easy peasy and you can get some great gift cards along the way.


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Published 2021-07-13

Written by Circles.Life



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