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Best streaming services in Singapore


Written by: Circles.Life


Whether you’re looking to make your daily commute more bearable, want to build your pop culture vocabulary, or are just a TV junkie at heart, it’s now possible to have a mobile viewing experience with many streaming services that offer access to content from more than one device–and even while offline. Don’t forget to sign up with the best telco in Singapore to get the best mobile plans! Best of all, you can watch movies, TV series, sports matches, and other entertainment on-the-go with streaming services.

The only problem is…there are so many streaming services and you might have a hard time choosing which one you want to subscribe to. (Although we won’t judge if you’re subscribed to more than one service. When you get unlimited data and superb connection from Circles.Life, you don’t have to choose just one!)



This Singapore-based app was founded by filmmaking-engineering duo Derek and Jian. Interestingly, it started as a vision of getting their passion projects to a larger audience in a rich and diverse Internet ecosystem.

Viddsee has since become a go-to media for film auteurs. Featuring over 4,500 films by over 3,000 filmmakers from all over Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, South Korea, and many more, the app is a premium short film platform where you can find a large number of Asia’s most innovative storytelling.

With its top shorts including the thriller Tag (Taya), drama Day 40, and comedy horror The Dolls With Attitude, Viddsee is a haven for award-winning shorts lovers and movie festival goers.

Pricing: Free


Avid K-drama lovers go to Viu for their K-drama fix. Having signed with the top 5 major Korean broadcasting companies, Viu offers an abundance of K-dramas and Korean variety shows for viewers all over Southeast Asia. Name one K-drama you’d like to watch, chances are it’s available in Viu.

The choices are not limited to content from South Korea, either. Viu also features a large catalogue of content from other Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Best of all, you can watch the content for free. However, with premium service, you can enjoy higher quality resolution and an ad-free watching experience as well as some premium-only series and shows.

Pricing: Free, with $5.98 a month premium service.


Mediacorp-owned MeWatch is the leading streaming platform when it comes to Singaporean content. Formerly known as Toggle, MeWatch offers video streaming or on-demand content to worldwide audiences.

From MeWatch, you can binge on current or older TV shows from Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria, and Vasantham. But you can have a wide selection of Hollywood and Asian Movies as well. For the hidden gems, you can search Derek, Dr. Stone, Pop Ayem Titoudao, and Last Madame.

You can stream the programs for free, however, for a premium account, you can have the viewing perks such as skip ads, priority viewing, and unlimited downloads for offline viewing.

Pricing: Free with $9.90 a month premium.



The streaming service was only established in 2019, but Disney+ vastly gained popularity worldwide. Thanks to the large selection of series and movies from property Disney owns. Marvel, Star Wars, and now Fox.

For Marvel Cinematic Universe lovers that don’t want to miss any key storyline, Disney+ is where you can find original Marvel TV shows that are crucial to the movie plots, such as WandaVision, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and Loki. You can find the available seasons for Star Wars franchise TV series as well, like The Mandalorian.

From the entire Disney back catalog alone, you can find over 500 films and 15.000 episodes. And you still have more choices from FOX, FX, and AMC catalogs, like Atlanta, Grey’s Anatomy, and Modern Family. Grab some popcorn – you’re in for a loooong night.

Pricing: Subscription fee is at $11.98 per month or $119.98 per year.


When talking about TV series streaming services, chances are Netflix is what comes first to your mind.

Apple TV+

Another streaming service coming from a big name, Apple TV+ gained popularity quickly. Apple TV+ is a service that has countless options for its own Apple’s original TV shows and movies. It is not to be confused with the Apple TV which refers to a set of devices that you use to connect your TV to a streaming services application.

The popularity was boosted by acclaimed shows like Mythic Quest and movies like Sofia Coppola’s On The Rocks. Not to mention popular series on the service such as the comedy-drama series Ted Lasso, the comedy The After Party, and the biopic Dickinson. And most-watched movies are available including the adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s bestselling novel adaptation, Pachinko.

Pricing: $6.98 per month with a free seven-day trial. But if you purchase any Apple device you can have a year of free subscription.


Hotstar is known as the best streaming service that provides plenty of Hindi and Tamil content. The service’s most popular movies include Jhankaar Beats, My Brother Nikhil, and Bioscopewala. The series includes Criminal Justice, Hostages, and Out Of Love. Not to mention its top-rated variety shows, dramas, and even sports matches.

The brand was first introduced as Hotstar, a streaming service carrying content from Disney Star’s local networks. Following the acquisition of Star India’s parent company 20th Century Fox by Disney in 2019, Hotstar was integrated and became Disney+ Hotstar.

Pricing: Subscribe online or via the Hotstar app at $69.98 per year.

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