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7 Great Family Plans You Can Share And Save Money!

7th July 2021

One of the best things in the world is having discounts on your everyday purchases.

The better part of it is being able to share these services with your family at a significant discount, compared to buying it alone.



With Circles.Life launching its Family Plan just recently to help families save money, I’ve decided to help you guys save more money with some great recommendations on the market as well for the services most people use already.

Sometimes, it’s really a much better option just topping up that few more dollars so that your family can enjoy the same service and at a much cheaper rate.

Here are a few of my recommendations that I found that are really good to have. I actually use and subscribe to most of these services listed below as well since the family plans are usually a steal.


Tidal is one of the services that caters very well to audiophiles ever since it has launched. It’s definitely quite a niche thing.

There’s actually 2 subscriptions: Premium and HiFi. The difference is really just the audio quality which makes a huge difference.

But to be honest, you’re probably getting the HiFi service which provides lossless high fidelity sound quality (1411 Kbps) & Master quality (up to 9216 Kbps). This is compared to the Premium plan that only has standard sound quality (320 Kbps).

If you’re wondering how to give it a try, Circles.Life has partnered up with Tidal to give you the HiFi service for free for 3 months. 

You can redeem your code in the Circles.Life App to give Tidal a test run, and choose to upgrade to a family plan if you love it.

The HiFi service costs US$19.90/m for a single person, but US$29.90/m for a family plan that provides up to 6 premium accounts for the entire family. That’s close to only $5/month per person!

Total Cost: US$29.90/month

Per Person Cost: ~US$5/month

You Save: US$14.90/month


I don’t think I’ll need to write much about Spotify since it’s a familiar name to most people.

But to those who don’t know, Spotify is probably the biggest music streaming service in the market at the moment due to the fact that there is a free plan that anyone can use.

But the biggest thing is ads which are abundant especially in the free version.

If you’re like me who are annoyed by ads and don’t mind paying a little, Spotify Premium is definitely the answer to your problems.

Besides having no ads, you unlock features such as downloading to listen offline, unlimited skips, and parental control.

While Spotify Premium costs S$9.90/m for a single person, it’s only S$16.98/m for a family plan that provides up to 6 premium accounts for the entire family. 

Plus there’s a one month free trial so definitely take advantage of that if you’re a new user.

Total Cost: S$16.98

Per Person Cost: S$2.83/month

You Save: S$7.07/month

Youtube Premium

Youtube is also one other site that probably everyone has stumbled upon, and wasted tons of hours watching video after video.

But one thing for sure is that you definitely saw one of these ads asking you a moment of your time…

If you give me just 35 seconds… (Credits: u/MeisterNaz Reddit)

Good thing is that the main thing about Youtube Premium is that you get to skip ALL the ads that waste your time.

What you get with Youtube Premium besides having no ads are downloads, Youtube music, background playing (on your mobile), and Youtube Originals included in this entire bundle as well.

There’s a one month free trial which converts into a S$11.98/month subscription after. However, Youtube’s family plan costs just S$17.98 for 6 accounts.

Trust me, paying $3 per month to skip ads is the best thing you could ever do.

Total Cost: S$17.98

Per Person Cost: ~S$3/month

You Save: S$8.98/month

Google One (Google Drive)

Google Drive is one the more popular cloud storage options out there. 

With things like Google Docs and Google Photos, all these services require you to use space in Google Drive.

And if you’re using Google Photos for the free space, they’re discontinuing it from June 2021 which means all new photos and videos uploaded will take up some space.

One good thing though is that if you don’t need SO much space, the family plan allows you to add up to 5 more family members.

Plus, you get to choose how much space you want to pay for. If you have 6 accounts sharing the same space, the cost works out to be:

100 GB: S$27.99/year, S$4.67 per person

200 GB: S$39.99/year, S$6.67 per person

2 TB: S$139.99/year, S$23.33 per person

Plus you get other benefits such as free trials to services such Youtube Premium, Stadia, and access to Google experts if you face any issues with your Google One subscription.

Even if you just share with 1 or 2 other family members, it makes cloud storage significantly cheaper since most people don’t need to use so much space.

Microsoft 365 Family

The alternative to Google Drive’s plan would be the Microsoft 365 Family plan.

I would say one of the best things that comes with this plan is that you get Microsoft Office apps included as well. These include Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook which most people would use.

There’s also a lot of things included such as ad-free experience in outlook, syncing with multiple devices and platforms, advanced security for OneDrive, and productivity tools included in your subscription too.

This family plan beats the personal plan out of the water as you get essentially the same thing with a family plan.

The personal plan costs S$108/year, while the family plan costs $148/year. This is a real no brainer especially if you’re looking to get a license for Microsoft office at the same time as well.

Total Cost: S$148/year

Per Person Cost: S$24.67/year

You Save: S$83.33/year


Lastpass is a password manager that helps you save down and remember passwords. 

I know what you’re thinking, but LastPass actually improves your digital security which I covered here. Plus, it saves you time from guessing all your password variations as well.

While Lastpass is free and available for both mobile devices and computers, you can only use the free service for either mobile (mobile device, tablets) or computers (windows, mac). If you wish to use Lastpass for both, then you’ll need to upgrade to the premium service.

The premium version gives you file storage, advanced security features and personal support directly from the LastPass team.

If you’re in doubt, definitely give the free version or the premium trial a try first to see if you like it.

When you’re ready, definitely just get the Family plan as it is a lot more worth than the personal premium plan as it gives 6 licenses for just US$1 more a month.

Total Cost: US$48/year

Per Person Cost: US$8/year

You Save: US$28/year

  1. Headspace

In today’s time and age, mindfulness has become more of a thing and more people have started and gone into meditation.

Headspace is an app that helps people get into meditation, and also with things like Focus and sleep as well too.

You can download the app for free on the iOS here and Android here.

In case you are curious, Headspace actually did a Netflix series on meditation which you can view over here for the first episode.

Take a look at the trailer below anyway:

But in any case, Headspace Plus is the premium service where it unlocks the full experience and gives you hundreds of meditation exercises with new meditations everyday.

It actually costs S$138.98/year if you’re subscribing solo through the app. However, the family plan costs US$99 for just 6 accounts.

And if you’re wondering, it is actually cheaper to get a family plan than a solo plan which is kind of funny.

So if you’re planning to pick up meditation or want to try something new, consider Headspace as the premium plan is pretty value for money.

Total Cost: US$99/year

Per Person Cost: US$16.5/year

You Save: $82.5/year

Ready To Go Big With Your Family?

In case you haven’t heard, Circles.Life just recently launched Family plans.

The plan comes with 200 GB data, 500 GB talk time, and 200 SMS. This plan can be shared up with 6 users which makes the cost only $15/month per user!

Not enough still? Add the Unlimited Talktime ($10) or Unlimited Data ($20) add-ons for a truly unlimited experience for the entire family!

The best part about this plan is that Circles.Life lets you define what a family is.

One of the famous ‘family’ the world has ever known

This means you could share this with your blood family, friends, business partners, or whatever you choose really!

If you’re an existing customer, then you can click over here to head right into the app to convert your account to a family account!

This is definitely one of the best features Circles.Life released to date in my opinion. 

Since not everyone uses a lot of data or talktime, it allows you to share accordingly and make it more bang for your buck.

So the question is, who are you going to pick to be in your family? 😉

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