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6 Epic Virtual Travel Experiences You’d Be Crazy to Miss

19th July 2021

Since the pandemic flushed our collective holiday plans down the toilet, we’ve all had to sit on our bums and find new ways to satisfy that travel itch. Nothing quite matches that feeling of arriving at your dream destination in person. Ever tried sitting at a virtual beach under the virtual sun with the virtual sand tickling your toes? Yeah, us neither.  But we have to admit, the whole “virtual travel” trend took us by surprise. We figured it would be too forced, and more about crappy Instagram filters than anything actually interesting. Haha look guys, I’m in “Paris”  😉 UGH. 

Anyway, it turns out we were dead wrong. Businesses, not-for-profits and other organizations from around the globe have created some pretty awesome virtual experiences. They can’t replace the real thing, but the content is super interesting and definitely beats watching the same old junk every night. Whether your perfect holiday involves hiking through rugged mountain ranges, relaxing in charming seaside towns, gawking at the world’s most iconic museums or spotting exotic wildlife, there’s a virtual experience for you. So load up with the best unlimited data plan in Singapore and join us on a virtual world tour! 

Take a sunset safari in an African reserve


There’s a good reason Africa is famous for its safaris and you’ll see for yourself when you tune in to one of Wild Earth’s live safaris streamed from a number of different reserves in Africa. Join a sunrise or sunset journey that takes you past some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife in its natural habitat, with the chance to spot lions, elephants, giraffes and more. You can register on the website to submit questions for the chance to have them answered live on stream. If you prefer a little more structure, try this pre-recorded express tour of Kruger National Park in 360 VR. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy headset: you can use it with Google Cardboard or even just your phone when playing through the YouTube app.

Join astronauts floating in space


Earth has been bumming us lately. Wanna take a break up in the great void? One Strange Rock is an amazing 3D VR tour of space and the International Space Station featuring astronauts Chris Hadfield, Mae Jemison, Mike Massimino and Nicole Stott, making it essential viewing for any fans of our vast galaxy. For something a little more understated, tune into NASA’s live feed from the ISS and see its current view and position over Earth. Looks calm, right? It’s actually hurtling around at over seven kilometers per second just to stay in orbit. Science!  

Explore the world’s most famous museums and galleries


Who needs to fly around the world to visit galleries and museums when you can tick them all off in one go? Centers that draw millions of visitors every year have opened their doors to the virtual world, including the Louvre in Paris, the Guggenheim in New York, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Uffizi in Florence, the NGV in Melbourne and many more. It doesn’t matter if art or history is more your pace, because there are loads of different tours to choose from. 

Embark on an adventure to the peaks of Everest


There’s something special about seeing the raw power of Mother Nature up close and personal – especially when you don’t even need to go outside in the cold. One of the most epic mountain tours we’ve found is this 3D VR fly-along with an elite helicopter rescue team at Mount Everest, where only the most skilled pilots are trusted to navigate the dangerous peaks and weather patterns. We recommend wearing your seat belt for this one. Maybe a sick bag, too.

Cruise over the landscapes of Scotland and Norway


Get yourself a cup of tea and a blanket, because we’re ready to hit you with some serious ambiance. The Nature Relaxation Films channel on YouTube lives up to its name with long, epic videos featuring drone footage from some of the world’s most pristine landscapes. Take flights over Norway and Scotland set to some chilled-out tunes or pack your snorkel for this stunning 11-hour underwater journey through a spectacular reef. You’ll thank us for data rollover on that last one, because you won’t want to stop soaking up all that HD goodness.  

Chill out next to a bird feeder in Ohio


Yes, you did read that right. Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate the little things. A legend from Ohio in the United States set up a bird feeder in his backyard near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and it was so teeming with feathered and furry visitors that he set up a live stream. Spot blue jays, tufted titmice, woodpeckers, European starlings, squirrels and so much more, plus some bonus visitors at the lower feeder. It might not be the most exotic virtual trip, but it’s perfect for those who just want to watch nature do its thing.  

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