Your guide to a quick and cheap escape to Bangkok


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Being just a 2 to 3-hour flight away, Bangkok is one of our favourite travel destinations, with delightful treats around this corner and surprises down that alley.

Here are some tips for a quick and cheap getaway to the Land of Smiles’ largest city.

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Chatuchak Weekend Market

Image credit: Thailand Travel Guide

Bangkok is like a good workout for the mind, body and soul, tiring yet so fulfilling. What better way to warm up than at Chatuchak Weekend Market, its veritable shopping institution.

Badly affected by the pandemic, the market’s over 15,000 stalls have since reopened with a vengeance. Get ready to lose yourself in the never-ending maze of clothes, accessories, souvenirs, street food, together with reptilian encounters with snakes, iguanas and even hedgehogs.

Best to come on a Saturday or Sunday morning before the throngs descend in the afternoon. And despite its name, the market is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays (only the plant section) and on Fridays (for wholesale purchases).

Jay Fai street food stall

Image credit: The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

The “foodie haven” label is sometimes overused, but there’s no shame in tagging Bangkok here. More than 500,000 street food vendors call it home, many of old-school cooking styles with open kitchens and leaping flames.

Perhaps the most unmissable is chef Jay Fai, with her military-style goggles, unending queues outside her eponymous stall and yes, that Michelin star.

Maybe because of its popularity, many dishes are priced a notch above average. But trust us, favourites like Drunken Noodles and Crab Omelette are worth every baht, not least because Jay Fai still insists on cooking every dish herself.

Benjakitti Park

Image credit: Richard Barrow in Thailand

If you are a fan of Gardens by the Bay, look no further than Benjakitti Park with its 480,000sqm of greenery right in the city centre.

A makeover over the past 2 years has transformed the park into a man-made oasis of swamps, lakes, an indoor gym and badminton courts. You can even rent a boat and paddle across a swamp amongst fish and turtles. Cute!

Come twilight, the flora with the skyscrapers in the background throw up kaleidoscopic photo opportunities that are sure to be the envy of your friends and followers.

Pororo Aqua Park

Image credit: Klook

Fancy some wet fun but not the beach because of the baking weather? Pororo Aqua Park has the best of both worlds for you.

There are sheltered spots aplenty plus a huge indoor pool with jacuzzi as you laze by the 9 pools and skid down the 4 waterslides.

The park’s location atop the Central Plaza Bangna means a quick escape to aircon comfort too, not to mention stunning views of the city!

Perfect for kiddos and kids at heart.

Erawan Museum

Image credit:

Bangkok is a treasure trove of cultural and religious sites, and it’s almost impossible to pick one gem over another.

That said, you won’t regret a trip to Erawan Museum. Other than perhaps a stiff neck and sore jaw, which is perfectly understandable when there’s a 43.6m tall elephant statue right at the entrance. No need to check the Guiness Book of Records - you are craning your neck and dropping your jaw at the world’s largest elephant statue.

The place houses 3 sections that represent the underworld, human world and heavens, and features some exquisite private art collections and architectural designs.

Make sure to dress modestly, as it is essentially a place of worship too.

747 Cafe

Image credit: Reddit

Rather than because of the food, we recommend this for the sheer one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to heat up your socials.

At 747 Cafe, you dine not in some cheap aircraft mockup but in the fuselage of a real, full-length Boeing 747.

Think First Class settings - plush interiors, cushy seating, a bar and lounge, but minus the fare. The entrance fee is under the equivalent of S$5, which can be used to offset your food bill.

90% of the retired aircraft’s structure and fixtures have been retained, including a half wingspan that now serves as a balcony deck. Pilot wannabes can also check out the switches, knobs, panels and other controls in the cockpit.

Super cool, we say.

Amphawa Floating Market

Image credit: Expedia Singapore

For a city that enlivens and entertains 24/7, we ain’t gonna miss out Bangkok’s nightlife.

While its night markets and clubs are awesome, why not take a quaint and romantic trip down the canals together with enchanting fireflies?

By day, the Amphawa Floating Market is bustling with locals visiting its food stalls for a dizzying array of seafood and snacks.

After sunset, a different kind of magic comes alive. Hop onto a longtail boat and meander through the canals for the luminous wonder of swarms of fireflies emerging from the trees.

These sparkly creatures are present throughout the year but are more active during the rainy season from May to October.


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Published 2022-12-22

Written by Circles.Life


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