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5G is the next big thing. It’s going to radically transform the digital world as we know it, and it has so much potential too. That being said, it’s not for everyone. There are some things you need to know about 5G before you take the plunge.

Take a look below to see the darker side of 5G and why you might not want to throw your money at it, just yet.

You Enjoy Watching Things Download at 0.05mbps

If watching paint dry is your idea of fun then you may not want to invest in 5G. For a lot of people, nothing is more painful than watching something download at 0.05mbps.

Downloads at this speed tend to go on for eternity, and life is too short to sit around waiting for them. If you quite like staring into space while your download bar creeps up then you may want to avoid 5G.

The main reason for this is because, with 5G, you can download a movie in as little as a few minutes. Sometimes it’s a matter of seconds, depending on the general demand of your internet connection.

You Love the Thrill of Poor Connectivity

Isn’t it exciting, never knowing if your phone is going to connect to the internet or not?

You may find that you ask yourself, is Facebook going to load? Are you going to be able to place your clothing order on time? Are you going to miss out on Amazon’s lightning deal for that new vacuum you’ve been keeping your eye on? It’s a gamble.

If you’re like most people then this will sound like an utter nightmare. That being said, it happens. 3G and 4G have their limits in terms of speed, and if you have a lot of demand for your connection then you may end up struggling to load the website pages you need.

One way for you to work around this would be for you to take the plunge and get 5G. With 5G, you can say goodbye to slow-loading website pages.

Even when you are out and on the go, if there is a 5G connection available, you can take advantage of it. Coverage for 5G is now more than ever and it’s rare that you won’t be able to connect. Why not see for yourself by taking out a 5G plan today?

Here’s a caveat from us: 5G is new technology that will come with its list of teething issues. Trust that we’re constantly working on improving it for you.

You Think It’s Got Viral Potential

There are many theories out there that suggest 5G has viral potential, and we don’t mean it figuratively. Some believe that 5G caused the coronavirus pandemic.

If you have a very small level of understanding in regards to how viruses work, you will soon see that this is impossible, even if you consider the whole radiation angle.

That being said, if you are a firm believer that the earth is flat, that 5G caused the pandemic and that global warming is a lie, then 5G may not be for you.

If you’re not a believer, then 5G can offer some astronomical benefits, because clearly you live on the moon.

You’re Still Using a Nokia 3410

Ah, the good old Nokia 3410. It weighed as much as a brick, and it was sturdy enough to be a construction material in itself.

If you have a super old mobile phone that is only capable of running Snake then you may want to skip out on the 5G movement.

You probably won’t reap the benefits because your phone isn’t capable of running anything other than basic games that only have a few pixels.

If you have a better phone then you can undoubtedly benefit from 5G. You will soon find that you can load up things faster and that you don’t have to worry about unresponsive pages. It’s that simple and the benefits are far beyond what you imagine.

You Hate Pandas

The International Union uses 5G with geolocation tech to track the movement of endangered pandas. They can then encourage breeding in the species.

Pandas ovulate once a year, and they are only fertile for 3 days. Breeding them is very challenging, but tech that operates with 5G can easily identify mating calls, and play them back, encouraging animals to mate.

That being said, if you want to see pandas go extinct, then it’s probably not best for you to support the 5G movement.

So 5G has a ton of benefits and there really aren’t many reasons for you to avoid it unless, of course, you can personally relate to some of the above points. Why not give 5G with Circles.Life a go for yourself today?

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