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Communication and staying connected are important while you’re out there traveling. You need to be constantly connected to the network for many good reasons, from booking flights and hotels, using online maps, booking for bus, train, or ride-sharing, keeping up with the local and international latest news, logging in to your socials, and most importantly, checking in with your family back at home. However, as you’re traveling abroad, your local SIM card is usually unusable in another country or usable with limited access or heavy roaming charges.

So, how can you stay connected without breaking your bank? There are a few choices out there, and one of the best ways to stay online while traveling is to get a Travel SIM card. Let’s see what it is, how to use it, and how you can get the best out of it.


A travel SIM card is essentially a prepaid SIM card that connects you automatically to the local network in your travel destination, therefore it allows you to avoid heavy roaming charges from your local-country SIM card. It’s goodbye bill shocks and hello freedom.


There are plenty of Travel SIM card options out there but you can easily choose one of Circles.Life’s International roaming plans covering all your travel needs! All great travel stories start with a plan – that is, our unlimited data plan.


There are some things to consider before you buy one. Let’s see what they are;

Unlocked Phone

First, check whether your phone is unlocked or locked. When you purchase your phone from a carrier, it is usually locked to that network. Or in other words, you can’t use your phone with another carrier’s plan in it. The easiest way to see whether your phone is unlocked or not, is to go to your phone setting and click on the Cellular option. Cellular Data Options should be present on an unlocked phone.

You can unlock your phone yourself, as it is not illegal. However, the process is a bit technical and you need some coding expertise or use special software. But don’t freak out just yet. Depending on the service provider (if you have your phone locked), you can request and have your phone unlocked by your provider. But make sure to submit the application weeks earlier prior to your trip as it can take a while.

If you already have an unlocked phone, it’s clear skies from here! You should be able to use your purchased Travel SIM Card immediately.

GSM Networks

You also need to make sure your device works on a GSM network. Fortunately, most Asian countries have GSM standards except for Japan and Korea. But if your phone functions otherwise, unfortunately, buying a new one with a GSM network is the only way. On a budget? We gotchu. You can easily get a cheap one, though.


Helps you avoid heavy roaming charges

Have you ever heard of your traveler friends’ painful stories of coming back home to bills of heavy roaming charges? Yeah, we all have been there, done that.

This is the main benefit of using a Travel SIM Card. With prepaid Travel SIM, you can select your data plan according to your needs and budget. When your allocated data runs out, it would simply fall to the slower side of the download and upload speed.

More secure than public Wi-Fi

To cut data and traveling costs, travelers are often tempted to use public Wi-Fi services to get connected and innocently do various online transactions. What could go wrong? Plenty, actually. Using public Wi-Fi services can put you at risk of rising cybercrime activities, from identity theft, phishing, hacking, or dirty scam schemes.

By using a personal Travel SIM card, you are connected to a more stable and secure network which ultimately gives you freedom to work and do various normal online activities safely.

Convenience and Flexibility

Buying a local SIM card is one of the best ways out there to get connected while you’re traveling abroad. However, you do have to spend some effort to get it. It’s pretty common to hear horror stories of travelers getting scammed by local SIM card touts at airports offering prices 10x higher than the normal price.

By purchasing a travel SIM card online, even before you leave your country, you’ve easily eliminated this unnecessary stress and can get online and running once you land at your destination.

Everyone Can Use It

Whether you are a student or a frequent traveler, whether you travel for business or on a luxurious holiday, long-term or short-term, a travel SIM card can fit all your needs and budgets. Other than that, your travel SIM card can also be used in various gadgets, such as tablets or iPads.

Cheaper Rate For Call And SMS

Depending on the provider, a travel SIM card usually offers cheaper costs for call and text message as the provider offers you a local rate for your call and SMS. And you can make cost-free incoming calls as well!

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Published 2022-07-03

Written by Circles.Life



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