New in Singapore? Here’s How to Stay Connected with Circles.Life Epic 1TB 5G Plan


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Welcome to the vibrant city-state of Singapore! As an expat, you'll want to immerse yourself in this bustling metropolis and share every moment with friends and family back home. With Circles.Life's 1TB 5G Plan, you can explore, share, and stay connected effortlessly. Let's explore how this massive data plan can be your ultimate companion in discovering and sharing Singapore’s hidden treasures.

Discover the best of Singapore with Circles.Life’s 1TB 5G Plan.

1. Share your Singapore story on social media

Singapore's stunning cityscape is a goldmine for social media content. With 1TB of data, you can share Instagram stories of the spectacular light show at Marina Bay Sands, vlog your culinary adventures at Maxwell Food Centre, or go live on Facebook while exploring the colourful streets of Haji Lane.

Keep your loved ones updated with your adventures and let them experience the magic of Singapore in real time with Circles.Life’s award-winning 5G network.

2. Discover Singapore's hidden gems

Singapore is more than its famous skyline. Use your data to navigate Google Maps and unearth hidden gems – with Circles.Life’s reliable coverage, you can venture off the beaten path without worrying about losing your way.

Explore the quaint Tiong Bahru neighbourhood, known for its Art Deco architecture, artistic murals and hip cafes. Wander through the lush greenery of the Southern Ridges, a haven for nature lovers and photographers.

Looking for a new device with amazing camera quality to capture these moments? Check out some of the top 5G compatible phones to pair with our 1TB 5G plan.

3. Stay in touch without a hitch

Feeling homesick? Video calls to family and friends are just a tap away. Share your new life in real-time, whether you're enjoying a sunset at Sentosa or exploring the historical Fort Canning Park. With 1TB of data, you won’t have to worry about running out of data mid-call.

Also, if you wish to sign up for Circles.Life 1TB 5G plan while keeping your home SIM on the same device, be sure to opt for our eSIM option!

4. Work and play on the go

Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle in Singapore with the Circles.Life 1TB 5G Plan, your ultimate companion for work and leisure. Picture yourself attending Zoom meetings from a charming café in Kampong Glam or updating your blog amidst the creative vibes of Bras Basah. Even the picturesque views along the Singapore River or the breezy East Coast Park beachside cafes can become your inspiring workspace. With the sheer power and reliability of 5G, uploading large files, managing online tasks, or editing your latest travel vlog happens in the blink of an eye.

What’s more, you can now say goodbye to the limitations and security risks of public Wi-Fi. The 1TB 5G plan enables you to work or play from anywhere, using your mobile hotspot with confidence and ease. And for those long remote working sessions, make sure you have a charger or portable battery on hand to ensure that your devices are always powered up.

Discover why ditching free Wi-Fi is a smart move for the modern digital nomad in Singapore in our guide: Why you should stop using free Wi-Fi in Singapore forever.

5. Stream and game without limits

Relax after a long day of exploring with your favourite streaming services. Share your thoughts on the latest shows with friends back home or live stream your gaming sessions with fellow expats. With no data worries and blazing fast 5G speeds, your entertainment and sharing never have to stop.

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6. Navigate Singapore like a pro

Optimize your Singapore experience by equipping your smartphone with essential apps to streamline your daily life.

While it's a good practice to download data-intensive apps and files using Wi-Fi, Circles.Life's 1TB 5G data plan provides ample data, ensuring you can swiftly download key apps like Grab, Foodpanda, and Chope wherever you are. This way, you can effortlessly stay organized and navigate your new life in Singapore.

Kickstart your Singapore adventure with Circles.Life

Embrace and share your new life in Singapore with Circles.Life’s 1TB 5G Plan. It’s more than just a data plan; it’s your companion in exploring, sharing, working, and staying connected.

Sign up for Circles.Life’s 1TB 5G Plan today and take your Singapore experience to the next level!





Published 2023-11-16

Written by Circles.Life


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