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Last updated: 15 April 2024

Key highlights

● eSIM technology offers a seamless way to activate or switch plans without physical SIM cards. This guide compares the best eSIM plans in Singapore, including Circles.Life, MyRepublic, SIMBA, and GOMO.

● Key considerations for selecting an eSIM provider include cost, network coverage, plan features, activation ease, and customer service.

● eSIM advantages include eco-friendliness, simplified travel, and streamlined device management, while challenges may involve device compatibility and adoption hesitancy.

The rise of eSIM technology

eSIM technology is revolutionising the way we connect to mobile networks, offering a more flexible and convenient alternative to traditional SIM cards. With the ability to activate a cellular plan without the need for a physical SIM card, eSIMs are becoming increasingly popular among smartphone users, digital nomads, and frequent travellers.

In this guide, we'll dive into everything you need to know about eSIMs, from their pros and cons to some of the most popular eSIM plans available in Singapore.

eSIM is available on ALL Circles.Life plans. Switch now!

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) is a digital version of the trusty old SIM card, that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without having to use a physical SIM card.

Integrated into your device, eSIMs store all the information required to authenticate your identity with your mobile carrier. This technology not only streamlines the process of switching carriers or plans but also supports multiple accounts, making it easier than ever to manage different lines.

While eSIMs might have been under the radar for some time, the demands of our hyper-connected world are propelling it to centre stage.

For a deeper understanding of how eSIMs differ from traditional SIM cards, consider reading our detailed comparison: eSIM vs Physical SIM: Differences, Benefits & More.

How to choose the right eSIM provider and plan

When it’s time to pick your eSIM provider and plan, here’s what you need to factor in:

Price: While everyone loves a good deal upfront, always read the fine print! Are there any hidden fees to look out for? Does the price correlate with the data and services you get? Compare different options to find the best eSIM provider that is giving the best bang for your buck.

Features: Beyond the standard data packages, wouldn’t you want an e sim from a provider that offers all the cool extras? Look for fun rewards, speed boosts, or little “thank you” perks for sticking around.

Connectivity and network coverage: Whether you're out partying at Marina Bay Sands or cycling in Pulau Ubin, you want your connection steady as a rock. Take a peek at the provider reviews and see who's got the best 5G coverage.

Reliability: We've all been there – waiting ages for a video to load, or having an important call cut off in the elevator. Pick an e-sim provider that can keep up with your pace and provide you with the consistent speeds you’ve paid for.

Ease of activation and setup: Who has time for fussy setups when we live in a world of hyper-convenience? Go for the ones that make getting started as easy as 1-2-3 and activate your e sim card in mere minutes.

Flexibility: Flexibility means being able to scale up or down based on your data needs, ensuring that you’re never tied down to something that doesn’t suit your evolving needs. Consider some of these questions: Can you switch between eSIM SIM only plans with ease? Are you locked into a contract? Will you incur any fees when you switch providers?

International roaming: We're all a bit bitten by the travel bug here in Singapore. So, when you’re off on your next escapade, your eSIM can easily take a backseat (no more swapping physical SIM cards to make room for a local SIM). Better still, pick a roaming eSIM from Circles.Life to stay connected the moment you touch down, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Learn more about how eSIM technology is changing the face of international travel: eSIM Evolved: How the Technology is Changing the Face of International Travel.

Customer support and service: The occasional glitch? It happens to the best of us. What matters is having a responsive team at the ready, whether it's a 24/7 chatbot or quick access to a human customer service agent.

Top eSIM providers and plans in Singapore

Singapore's tech scene is vibrant, and that holds true for eSIM providers too. Each telco offers something unique, from pocket-friendly prices to unbeatable network coverage. So, do your homework and choose the one that ticks all your boxes.

Here are some of the best eSIM offerings in Singapore:


Plan: 150GB (4G Special)
Price: $17 per month


• Free 1GB Roaming forever (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau & Sri Lanka)
• Free unlimited incoming calls
• 300 minutes local (SG) outgoing talktime
• Access to Circles of Joy loyalty program
• Price reverts to $17/mo after 3 months
• Free Caller ID

Plan: 250GB (5G Special)
Price: $20 per month


• Free 2GB Roaming forever (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau & Sri Lanka)
• Exclusive access to $10 movie tickets forever (Limited to 4 per month)
• Free unlimited incoming calls
• 300 minutes local (SG) outgoing talktime
• Access to Circles of Joy loyalty program
• Price reverts to $25/mo after 3 months
• Free Caller ID

Data roaming:

Both of the Circles Life eSIM plans above come with FREE roaming data for selected Asian countries!

However, if you require additional roaming data allowance, we offer a wide range of monthly data roaming add-ons, starting from 2GB for $12 (SuperRoam Global) per month.

Looking for the most convenient travel solution? Check out our multi-country Borderless Plan.

eSIM is available for ALL Circles.Life plans. Explore our full range of eSIM SIM-only plans now!


Plan: 250GB Value Plan (For new numbers OR non-M1 port in only)
Price: $17.90 per month

• 250GB data (4G) + Unlimited data at managed speeds thereafter
• 800 minutes + 800 SMS
• 1GB free roaming data monthly (Malaysia and Indonesia)

Data roaming:
30-day data boosters available from $6 per GB (Roam Like Home - Neighbours).


Plan: SIM-Only 100GB
Price: $10 for 30 days

• 50GB + extra 50GB till further notice
• 1GB roaming data (For 57 destinations)
• Unlimited calls to local mobile lines
• Unlimited SMS to SIMBA lines
• 300 local fixed line minutes
• 30 local SMS

Data roaming:
Pay-per-use roaming data starts from $4 per GB.


Plan: 100GB + 150GB (For new numbers OR non-Singtel port in only)
Price: $15.28 per month

• 250GB for first 6 months, 100GB thereafter
• 500 minutes + 500 SMS
• One-time free 2GB Asia Roaming Pack

Data roaming:
15-day data boosters start from $15 for 4GB (Asia Pack).

Note: Information provided in this Singapore eSIM comparison is accurate at the time of writing (15 April 2024).
*For this comparison, we've listed the data roaming rates for Malaysia from various providers.

Choose a Circles.Life eSIM plan today!

When it comes to value, SIMBA's 100GB plan currently stands out. While the plan is priced at a competitive rate, bear in mind that there's a tiny clause in its critical information summary stating that the data included is "50GB + extra 50GB till further notice". This means that the provider may drastically slash the data allowance by half at any time. Likewise, for GOMO, which is offering a time-limited bonus of 150GB for the first six months – only available for the first 10,000 signups before 17 April 2024. But remember, these plans will revert to their standard data allowances once the promotions end. If you’re a frequent traveller, make sure to look out for the various roaming data add-ons as well.

Now, if you're after consistent value and transparency, Circle.Life's 250GB 5G eSIM plan is a gem – offering 250GB at 5G speeds, always. OH, and free 2GB roaming data to keep you seamlessly connected in 8 popular Asian destinations forever.

No surprises, just peace of mind knowing your data won't drop after a few months. Plus, as a bonus, you'll be automatically enrolled in our "Circle of Joy" loyalty program. Stick with us, and you'll keep accumulating points every day. Trade them in for cool tech, bill waivers, and other fun rewards!

If you're looking for more data or other features, it's good to know that we offer eSIM for ALL our data plans. Explore Circles Life eSIM plans now!

Advantages of going digital with eSIM

Jumping into the eSIM world packs a few perks, such as:

Eco-friendly: Remember those physical SIM cards that come with plastic holders and paper documentation? With eSIM, there’s no plastic, chip, or fuss. Just a step closer to an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Hassle-free travels: Gone are the days of juggling multiple SIM cards for different destinations. With eSIM, you can now switch plans or networks without breaking a sweat. Find out why digital nomads are making the switch.

Device management: Got a number for family, another for work, and perhaps a third line for your side hustle? With eSIMs, you can easily manage them all on a single device. No missed calls. No mixed-up messages.

Integration with IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting your gadgets, from smart home devices to wearable tech. With eSIMs, unlocking a seamlessly connected life is now simpler than ever.

If you’re keen on staying ahead with the best in mobile technology, discover the perfect synergy between these two innovations here: eSIM and 5G: Revolutionising Connectivity for the Digital Age.

Enhanced security: With nothing physical to lose, using an e sim ensures that there’s zero chance of misplacing a tiny SIM card again, reducing the risk of physical theft or loss.

Potential roadblocks to eSIM adoption

Shifting gears to eSIM is cool and all, but like all technology, there might be some things to mull over:

Device compatibility: Some older devices might not be ready for the eSIM party. Always check if your phone is eSIM compatible. If not, perhaps it’s time for a tech upgrade? Check out our mobile devices here.

Content with the classic: If you're used to the good old physical SIM, you may not see the need to switch over to an eSIM. But if you’re looking for a new plan, be sure to check out our hassle-free eSIM plans.

Misconceptions: With eSIM still being the fresh kid on the block, there may be some misconceptions and apprehension. It's a good idea to get the facts straight about eSIM before jumping in.

Backup concerns. Misplaced your phone or had a tech mishap? With a physical SIM, it's a quick swap to a new device. eSIMs, on the other hand, might need a tad more time to get back up and running.

How to get started with an eSIM

Ready to make the switch to an eSIM with Circles Life? Here's a step-by-step guide to getting started:

1. ​​Check your device compatibility. Verify that your device is eSIM-compatible.
2. Sign up for Circles.Life eSIM plan. Visit our website and choose an eSIM plan that suits your needs.
3. Activate your eSIM. Once you’ve signed up for your desired Circles Life eSIM plan, you’ll receive an activation QR code via email within 10 minutes. Then, go to your phone’s settings and choose the option to add a cellular plan. Scan the QR to activate your Circles.Life eSIM.
4. Manage your eSIM. Switch plans or carriers as needed directly from your device.

Get onboard with Circles.Life eSIM and enjoy unparalleled convenience and flexibility today!

Our customers' feedback

So, what's the word on the street? Well, many users have hopped over to eSIMs for sheer convenience. But, of course, there's always room for improvement. Not to toot our own horn, but Circles.Life has recently been voted the #1 digital telco (again!) and has snagged Singapore’s Best Customer Service award in both “Internet Service Providers” and “Mobile Carriers and Telecommunications” categories for two years running!

Stay connected with the best eSIM in Singapore

Here's the lowdown: eSIMs are shaping up to be the next big thing in telecommunications. If you’re ready to make the leap, consider your requirements and choose wisely. Whether it’s value, international roaming, budget-friendliness, or a rich feature set, Singapore’s eSIM market has something for everyone.

Switch over to an eSIM with Singapore’s Most Delightful Telco today!





Published 2023-10-16

Written by Circles.Life


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