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As a valued member of the Circles.Life family, you're at the heart of everything we do. That's why we're thrilled to unveil the revamped Circle of Joy program! We've listened to your feedback, and now we're back with a bang – brand new tiers, accelerated point accumulation, monthly surprises, and more!

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Circle of Joy: Loyalty Rewarded Like Never Before

Circle of Joy, our exclusive loyalty program, is much more than a typical rewards scheme – it's a heartfelt 'thank you' for being part of the Circles.Life family. Available to all Circles.Life customers*, this program is your passport to daily delights and tier-based perks. And getting on board couldn't be easier: just sign up for any eligible SIM-Only plan, and you're set to start your rewarding journey.

But that's not all. Since its launch in June 2023, we've listened attentively to your feedback on evolving Circle of Joy into the best it can be. So, gone are the days of limited rewards and a one-size-fits-all approach. With the new iteration of Circle of Joy, you can now experience a rewarding system that's thoughtfully designed to match your loyalty.

What's New in Circle of Joy: Personalized Points, No Caps, and More!

• Personalized Points System: Your loyalty and spending now translate into points that mirror your unique journey with Circles.Life.
• No More Caps: Say goodbye to point limitations and hello to endless delight! Accumulate as many points as you wish, for as long as you want. The sky’s the limit!
• Monthly Points Credit: Points are now credited monthly, ensuring a steady flow of rewards.
• Enhanced Reward Structure: With segmented Gachas, you have more control over using your points to win the prizes you want, from data bonuses to exclusive prizes.

Climb the Tiers: More Benefits at Every Step

Earning points is a breeze with Circle of Joy. Be it day or night, you accumulate points just by being part of our community. These points unlock a world of exciting rewards, and as you climb the tiers, your earning rate accelerates, making every interaction with Circles.Life more rewarding.

Let’s take a deeper look at how Circle of Joy’s upgraded tiering system is designed to maximise your benefits:

• Freshie: Kickstart your journey with a warm welcome gift.
• Explorer: Enjoy a welcome gift and 2X accelerated point earning.
• Pro: Reap the benefits of a welcome gift and 3X faster point accumulation.
• Champion: Get a welcome gift, 4X points, and first dibs on exclusive launches.
• Legend: The pinnacle of rewards! Welcome gift, 5X points, first access to launches, and VIP invites to special events.

Rewards Galore: From Data Bonuses to Yacht Trips!

Your loyalty deserves grand rewards! Choose from an array of exciting options like bill waivers, AirPods, Dyson Airwraps, Nintendo Switches, buffet vouchers, flight credits, and even yacht trips. We're talking about a whopping $500,000 worth of rewards every month!

What’s more, redeeming your rewards is easy. Simply log onto the Circles.Life app, select your desired reward, tap on the Gacha machine, and watch in excitement as your prize is revealed. Check your inbox for redemption details and enjoy your well-deserved reward.

Circle of Joy: Loyalty made Simple. Rewards made Better.

Getting on board is straightforward. Sign up for any Circles.Life plans* and you're automatically part of Circle of Joy. And for existing Circles.Life customers, your points will seamlessly transition to the new system, so you won't lose out on any rewards you've earned. So, why wait? Dive into the Circle of Joy and experience loyalty the way it should be - simple and rewarding.

Explore Circles.Life plans now and step into a world of endless rewards!

*Excludes 4G Lite, Family Plan, and Data-Only plans.





Published 2023-12-08

Written by Circles.Life


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