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24 June 2019

Singapore’s Circles.Life Launches World’s First Multi-country Digital Telco Platform

Homegrown Circles.Life extends their personalized digital services outside of Singapore through their launch of digital mobile services in Taiwan on the back of a strategic partnership with one of the largest telco players in the country. This launch represents an exciting opportunity to digitally transform Taiwan’s telco industry using in-house innovation and give power back to customers. The company remains on track for its international expansion with Taiwan as its first international market, to be followed shortly by Australia. 

Circles.Life is a personalized digital services company that has successfully made history in the telco space with its rapid launch in Taiwan. This achievement is powered by Circles-X, the company’s unique technology stack, that enables it to launch new services in weeks and not years and to rapidly launch in new countries much like how other technology companies launch apps in new geographies. Circles-X’s smart analytics and API-based platform support easy third-party integration with a range of partners, from MNO, e-commerce, entertainment and transit companies. 

“Circles.Life’s rapid expansion is powered by our innovative technology, Circles-X, that was built from the ground up to create truly personalized digital services and demonstrate a new model for what a telco of the future could look like. Circles-X’s agility makes launching digital mobile services in a new market as immediate as launching an app. We are the first to do this in the telco space, and our Taiwan launch is just the start of our ambitions globally.” said Abhishek Gupta, Circles.Life’s founder. 

Taiwan telco overview

Taiwan is known for its love of freedom, democracy, and advanced technology. However, although these traits are descriptive of other industries, the same cannot be said of Taiwan’s telcos. Telco players in Taiwan bind customers with contracts up to 36 months, one of the longest in the world. In addition, these plans have a lot of hidden costs, from startup fees to registration fees. Some plans even ask for a sizeable upfront deposit. Most importantly, the digital experience is sorely lacking with majority still getting their plans through brick and mortar stores and paying their bills in the same stores. This is why Circles.Life has chosen to enter this marketto free customers from contracts and give them control through the power of Circles-X, their technology stack. 

Digital experience

Circles.Life Taiwan offers a premium digital experience that enables customers to sign up on the Internet, and a SIM card is delivered the next day. After receiving the SIM card, customers can activate their number by signing in to the Circles.Life app. Through the app, customers can customize their plan, contact a Customer Happiness expert through the in-app chat feature, and monitor their data usage whenever they want.  

This gives the power back to the customer through their next generation of digital customer experience. 

Flexible plan

Circles.Life customers get their power back through a no-contract and flexible plan. Circles.Life’s Base Plan offers 18GB and an add-on option for Unlimited Data, which customers can flexibly switch on/off and adjust it to their needs through the app. This flexibility frees customers from paying for data that they never use, unlike rigid plans that bind them. During the launch period, customers can transfer their current number for free to Circles.Life. 

Since its launch in 2016, Circles.Life has captured 5% of the mobile telco market share in Singapore, transforming a once traditional industry. Founded in Singapore, Circles.Life’s strategy is grounded in using its innovative digital mobile solution as the platform on which to build more personalized digital services. This is done through a genuinely differentiated business model, proprietary technology stack and agile approach to product development. At the core of Circles.Life’s unique business model is Circles-X, a proprietary software platform in the cloud that delivers a highly flexible and completely digital customer experience across the entire service journey.


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