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17 September 2018

Singaporeans can save up to half a billion dollars by buying phones with Circles.Life*

*Disclaimer – based on market analyst reports on percentage of post-paid customers buying phone bundle plans and potential savings vs. buying phone separately with SIM-only plan.

Singapore, 17 September 2018 – Being the fastest growing telco in Singapore, Circles.Life is leading the telco innovation by giving power back to the customers. Today Circles.Life launches +Phone Plan, a plan that bundles a phone with a flexible no-contract mobile plan, to prevent customers from wasting more than half a billion dollars every 2 years. With this constant innovation, Circles.Life is closing on 5% market share ahead of schedule.  

According to CLSA – Singapore telecoms report, 10 May 2018, 55% of customers were on postpaid plans with bundled handsets. Customers have been trained to buy phones together with phone plans that offer high monthly fees with little data. They don’t realize that buying phones separately with any SIM-only plan, will save them hundreds of dollars. Circles.Life is challenging this contract misconception by launching the +Phone Plan, the first phone plan in Singapore that allows customers to buy a phone without being forced to get a mobile plan contract.  

“Mobile phones and data connection have become necessities, especially as Singapore aspires to be the world’s first true Smart Nation. It’s a telco’s responsibility to open digital access to everyone, and make the customer experience smooth and affordable. When we found out how much money customers spend over 24 months when buying a phone, we decided to launch the +Phone Plan and help customers save hundreds of dollars a year,” said Rameez Ansar, Circles.Life’s Co-Founder.

Unlike other players, with the +Phone Plan, customers can buy a phone with no strings attached, pay as low as $10 upfront and $65 per month for 24 months. This includes the 6GB Base Plan and the remaining cost of the phone. Since majority of customers are on a contract phone plan, +Phone Plan is available for these port-in customers. 

+Phone Plan details: 

– 6GB + 100 mins talktime + Unlimited WhatsApp

– As low as $10 upfront subsidised phone + $65/ month (phone + plan) for 24 months

– Cancel anytime, no termination fee – customers just need to pay for the remaining cost of the phone if they cancel before 24 months

– Available for all credit cards from any bank in Singapore

– Available for port-in customers

“The +Phone plan gives customers a smarter way to buy a new phone, just in time for the recent Samsung and Apple phone launches,” said Ansar.

Giving power back to the customers, Circles.Life has been iterating and providing products that people are asking for. This proves to create long-term customers loyalty without locking them up in contracts. 

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