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16 July 2019

Circles.Life Proves People Want A Digital Experience with Excitement from Launch

16 July 2019, Taiwan – Circles.Life, Asia’s first digital telco, fully launched its service in Taiwan today following a recent successful soft launch in June. The company has received positive feedback for bringing a premium telco experience available to everyone through their digital approach. Circles.Life’s digitization translates to no-contract plans, instant plan customization, immediate chat response (average of 27 seconds) by Customer Happiness Experts at any time, bill transparency (no bill shock) and fast SIM card delivery. This innovation has resulted in the company’s high NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 30, which tracks customer satisfaction and loyalty, setting a new bar for the sector and far exceeds that of its competitors (average of -30) in such a short period of time.

Circles.Life has proven that personalized digital service is the future of telco and the answer to customer frustration. 

“Our launch in Taiwan was never about having the lowest price but about enhancing the end-to-end customer experience. This strategy falls back on our mission to give power back to customers and redefine how telcos are viewed in Taiwan. This first step develops Circles.Life as the country’s go-to consumer-centric brand,” said Dick Lin, President, Circles.Life North East Asia.

Mostly Young Digital Savvy Customers! 80% of Users Successfully Registered via Website

Known as a technologically advanced nation, over 84% of Taiwan’s population are online shoppers, with 64% of them prefer to shop on their mobile devices. Despite the high percentage of internet penetration, these numbers do not demonstrate how telco in the country works – with the majority of the population locked in rigid contracts with limited digital access to control their telco plans.

Circles.Life’s foray into the country in June reflects the market’s tech-savvy media habits, generating one million visits to the website, with over 80% of its subscribers registering via the website, and 20% via the pop-up store. Giving customers the power to control the amount of data they can consume, Circles.Life found that 68% of subscribers choose to upgrade to Unlimited Data from the 18 GB base plan. While the current population data usage average is 4GB- 5GB a month, the numbers from Circles.Life’s customer base shows that we are reaching the truly digital savvy and data-hungry customers.

Internal data also shows that 40% of its customers are young, value-conscious individuals between 25 and 30 years old – digital and data savvy group.

“No contract” plans for a flexible digital experience!

Consumers can expect to have more features with greater flexibility to suit their everyday needs. “With our no-contract plans, consumers can add-on or adjust their monthly plans according to their needs and data usage.” said Roger Hsu, General Manager.

Circles.Life will soon offer several digital service features:

– Daily Unlimited Data: Users on the base plan with 18GB will have the option to add-on unlimited data on a day-to-day basis.

– Referral Program: Through the referral program, current subscribers will receive additional data when they successfully refer their friends and family to sign-up for Circles.Life.

– Pay for What You Need: For users need more than 18GB of data but don’t want to purchase unlimited data, they can pay for specific amounts of data instead on a pay-as-you-go basis.

NTD 500 cashback in celebration of digital freedom in Taiwan

To celebrate the digital freedom in Taiwan, Circles.Life is launching “NTD 500 cashback promotion”. This promotion is available from today and for new users who subscribe via the pop-up store at Elite Xinyi Store.


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