Circles.Life Launches Unlimited Data on Demand for $3

01 March 2018

Since Circles.Life’s launch as the fourth mobile operator in Singapore, they have been committed to giving power back to the customer and leading the long-due innovation in the telecommunications industry. They have proven their commitment through the launch of their completely digital no-contract mobile plan, 20 GB for $20 and most recently the launch of Circles Switch – their try-before-you-buy plan. As a result, Circles.Life is on track to meet its 3-5% market share goal, 2 years ahead of schedule, making them the fastest growing mobile operator in Singapore.

Today, Circles.Life is marking another milestone as Asia’s first truly digital telco with the launch of a number of unlimited services.

Unlimited Data on Demand – Circles.Life customers can now get unlimited mobile data for only $3 a day – on demand. This will not lock customers to any contract and is available  every day of the year at 4G+ speeds. Like all unlimited data plans in the market, there is a fair use policy. For Unlimited Data on Demand, speeds will be managed after 100GB of usage per month.  Circles.Life customers are eligible to use Unlimited Data on Demand without subscribing to the 20GB for $20 data upgrade – giving consumers the power to choose what works best for them instead of having to pay over $100 per month to get unlimited data or be locked into annual contracts.  Unlimited Data on Demand can be activated anytime in 24-hour blocks by simply turning it on the CirclesCare mobile dashboard.

WhatsApp Passport – Circles.Life continues to leverage its official partnership with US-based WhatsApp by launching an add-on that allows unlimited roaming for WhatsApp. Starting from just $1 per day, customers will get unlimited data usage for WhatsApp messaging while roaming in over 18 countries.

Unlimited Outgoing Calls – All Circles.Life basic plans currently come with 100 free minutes of talktime. Now, they have a new option of getting unlimited outgoing calls by adding $16 per month. Added to the base plan of $28 and the $2 per month free incoming calls value added service, this creates an option to get 6 GB of data and unlimited incoming and outgoing calls for only $46 per month.

Circles.Life believes that the current unlimited plans in the market are limiting the customers instead of empowering them. Unlimited plans should not be limited to weekend usage, be throttled after hitting a small data cap or be tied to annual contracts. They also should not be available only to consumers with deep pockets.

Mr Rameez Ansar, Co-founder and Director at Circles.Life said: “At Circles.Life, we spend a lot of time listening to and thinking about what customers really want and offer it to them at the touch of their fingers, on demand.  This is the secret to our innovative product launches like Unlimited Data on Demand and WhatsApp Passport and to the strong traction that we have received.”

“Most of our customers are satisfied with either the 6 GB for $28 base plan or adding $20 more for another 20 GB. For those who want even more, we now have Unlimited Data on Demand.” he added.

Try before you buy

In addition, Circles.Life now allows new subscribers to try out the first month of subscription for free. All new customers will not be charged for the first month of their basic subscription. This is for a limited time only.

International Expansion in Indonesia

Having established the asset-light digital telco as the model for the future of the telco industry, Circles.Life is seeing an emergence of players both existing and new trying a similar approach. Home-grown Circles.Life has received interest from telco players from multiple geographies looking to bring the same innovation to their respective markets.

Circles.Life has always believed in this vision for the industry and is looking to expand to Indonesia as the first market outside of Singapore. This will make them the first fully digital platform for mobile services in Indonesia.

Circles.Life will launch in Indonesia by the second half of the year.

This rapid expansion is only made possible with Circles-X – Circles.Life’s innovative cloud-based infrastructure  that lets us to launch in weeks instead of years and at a fraction of cost. In the same way as how other asset-light digital players in content, transportation and hospitality has reimagined their respective industries, Circles.Life believes Circles-X will reimagine the future of the telco industry.