Unlimited 4G Data rollover: unused data deserves better

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In a time before Circles.Life, when confusing words like turnt and on fleek were the hottest things since sliced bread, three friends shared a light bulb moment. The telco experience simply wasn’t cutting it for them, nor anyone else. 

They hated how the best unlimited data plans in Singapore were locked behind two-year contracts, not to mention the hidden fees and apps that barely worked. The worst part? If you didn’t go through all your data by the end of the month, it simply vanished. Poof! Gone.

After one too many hours spent listening to distorted hold music, waiting to speak with a customer service robot who didn’t care for their complaints, these friends had had enough. They came together to create Circles.Life with the sacred contract-free plan and Unlimited Data


In case you hadn’t noticed, we love data. We cram it into every nook and cranny of our plans, and it’s no surprise given we were founded by data-hungry people just like you. There are plenty of ways we’ve done our best to give the telco industry a facelift that was long overdue, like building an app that actually functions and listening to our community.

But there’s one more thing we wanted to change, and that’s seeing all your unused data floating away like that balloon you accidentally let go of on your fourth birthday. 

That’s why our unlimited 4G data plan add-on comes with rollover, scooping up those extra gigabytes and popping them back into your pocket for next month. It’s easy and you don’t have to do anything – just watch as your glorious data gets banked for a rainy day. No more sweating when the WiFi goes down at home or worrying about how much data you’re burning by scrolling through really niche Instagram trends (tiny kitchen, anyone?).


The first thing is to make sure you have the unlimited data add-on. You can snag it by choosing it when you first order your new phone or SIM only plan, or by adding it later through the app. You don’t need to pay extra or do anything fancy to get data rollover, as it’s automatically included in the add-on. You can accumulate up to a humongous 300GB data with rollover, which applies to anything outside your base 20GB allowance and any boosts, bonuses or roaming inclusions you have.

If that last part made your head spin, here’s a handy example: 

Month 1: You use 40GB of your 100GB allowance. The remaining 60GB rolls over to Month 2.

Month 2: You get 100GB plus the unused 60GB from last month, making 160GB total. With a massive HD streaming binge, you get through 110GB this month. Thanks to the extra data from rollover, you don’t go over your cap or pay any more than usual. 

Month 3: 50GB unused from last month rolls over, giving you another 150GB to play with. Nice!

There’s more good news: rollover data never expires as long as the add-on is active. If you do deactivate it,  you’ll still be able to use up anything you have until your plan resets at the end of the month. 

Simple, fast and easy – just how it should be. It’s the best way to get an unlimited data plan in Singapore from Circles.Life.

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