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At Circles.Life, Singapore's leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), we are proud to announce the launch of our latest campaign, ‘Sparks Life.’ This initiative is a bold response to the evolving needs of digital pioneers and adopts a lifestyle-centric approach to addressing long-standing industry challenges.

Redefining the Telco Experience

Our Sparks Life campaign strategically tackles prevalent issues faced by customers in traditional network operators. From restrictive data plans to complicated roaming options, we are transforming these challenges into opportunities for delightful and enriching digital experiences. Through a blend of engaging narratives and innovative storytelling, we aim to forge a deeper connection with you and turn every interaction into a memorable experience.

Jeanette Wong, our Head of Marketing, explains, "With Sparks Life, we continue our focus on the mission we had from the very beginning - a truly seamless and delightful digital experience. In today's context, that obviously goes beyond data and into delivery of great experiences."

Innovative Features at the Core

Sparks Life is anchored by four innovative pillars, each addressing the needs of digital pioneers.

Our standout 1TB 5G plan, a first in Singapore, eliminates data constraints, offering epic data capacity and unprecedented speed for ultra-HD video streaming and seamless connectivity. Another key feature is our Borderless Plan, which is specifically designed to simplify international roaming. It offers exceptional convenience and value, allowing you to stay connected seamlessly in Singapore and eight other popular Asian countries, an innovative solution for frequent travellers and digital nomads.

We further enhance customer satisfaction with our Circle of Joy loyalty program, reimagining rewards by offering a mix of telco bonuses with lifestyle perks. This is complemented by our emphasis on exceptional customer service, a domain where we have consistently excelled, as evidenced by us being voted #1 in Customer Service for two consecutive years by The Straits Times.

Empowering Lifestyles Beyond Connectivity

Here at Circles.Life, our vision extends far beyond the realm of traditional telecom services. We are committed to enabling and enhancing a digital lifestyle that is not only seamless but also deeply enriching. This is evident in the carefully curated mix of data plans, roaming options, and customer experiences we offer, where each element is thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of a digitally savvy generation.

Ebony Ngieng, our Brand & Campaigns Lead, emphasizes this commitment: "Our approach with 'Sparks Life' is strategic and centered on our customers’ happiness. With epic data, effortless roaming and unmatched customer service, we strive to support and enable your lifestyle."

Join the Sparks Life Movement

‘Sparks Life’ is more than a campaign; it's a movement towards a brighter, more connected future – proving once again why we’re the most delightful telco in Singapore.

Experience the transformative impact of our offerings and join us on this exciting journey:

About Circles

Founded in 2014, Circles is a global technology company that’s reimagining the telco industry with its SaaS platform, Circles X, and helping operators launch and operate successful brands.

Today, Circles is partnering operators in 13 countries to deliver delightful digital experiences to millions of people through our businesses.

With Circles.Life, our digital lifestyle brand, we empower and delight customers across the world by offering digital experiences that go beyond traditional telco services.

With Circles X, our digital telco technology empowers operators to launch digital telco brands from anywhere in the world. Built for operators by an operator, Circles X powers both Circles.Life and our partner operators’ digital telco brands.

Circles is backed by global investors such as Sequoia, Warburg Pincus, EDBI and Founders Fund – renowned institutions with a track record of backing industry-shaking innovators.

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Published 2023-11-29

Written by Circles.Life


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