You were born to roam

This plan is made for Urban Explorers like you.

*For Number Transfer only. Price returns to $40/mo after 1 year. Cancel anytime.
**Returns to 3GB/mo after 6 months. Add more Roaming data anytime in the app.
^Both incoming and outgoing calls.

Roam freely in these countries

No complicated activation procedure. Roam instantly the minute you land overseas.

Roam wild and free

Whether you’re chilling at home or exploring a new country, we always got your back.

Singapore’s #1
Rated Network for
Video Speeds

Best-in-class roaming partner

Have global chat
support under
30 sec

Seamless Data SharingShare data across all your devices from the Circles.Life app

Track your usage
& add-ons on
the app

Bitten by the travel bug

If you travel as often as once a month, you need this.

Stay flexible

Taking our Wanderlust Plan won’t ever hinder you to enjoy more.
Get add-ons on top of your plan whenever you need instantly from the Circles.Life app.

Frequently asked questions

After 6 months, your Roaming data will automatically return to 3GB/mo. You can add more Roaming data anytime in the app.

The promo code is limited to the first 1000 redemptions.

When your $10/mo bill waiver expires after 12 months, you will be charged for the full $40/mth for your Wanderlust Plan on top of any additional usage.

No activation required. Also, you can track how much roaming data you’re left with through your Circles.Life app.

Simply purchase a Super Roam Add-on or Roam Boost on your Circles.Life app!

You’ll Pay-As-You-Go. Check the rates here! Also, you can track your usage through your Circles.Life app.

The bill shock applies only for 3 to 6 GB of roaming data from Super Roam. Subsequent data will be on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

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